Information for Gwern Branwen

Basic information

Item Value
Country United States
Facebook username gwern.branwen
GitHub username gwern
Source [1], [2], [3]
Donations List Website (data still preliminary) donor

List of positions

Organization Title Start date End date AI safety relation Subject Employment type Source Notes
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Research assistant 2012-01-01 2013-01-01 position [4]
GiveWell 2017-01-01 2017-12-31 [4]
Center for Applied Rationality 2012-01-01 2012-12-31 [4]


Name Creation date Description
Reinforce.js implementation of Stuart Armstrong’s toy control problem 2016-02-03 With FeepingCreature. A live demo of Stuart Armstrong’s toy control problem [5]. gwern introduced the demo in a LessWrong comment [6].