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Table of contents


Agenda name Associated people Associated organizations
Iterated amplification Paul Christiano, Buck Shlegeris, Dario Amodei OpenAI
Embedded agency Eliezer Yudkowsky, Scott Garrabrant, Abram Demski Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Comprehensive AI services Eric Drexler Future of Humanity Institute
Ambitious value learning Stuart Armstrong Future of Humanity Institute
Factored cognition Andreas Stuhlmüller Ought
Recursive reward modeling Jan Leike, David Krueger, Tom Everitt, Miljan Martic, Vishal Maini, Shane Legg Google DeepMind
Debate Paul Christiano OpenAI
Interpretability Christopher Olah
Inverse reinforcement learning
Preference learning
Cooperative inverse reinforcement learning
Imitation learning
Alignment for advanced machine learning systems Jessica Taylor, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Patrick LaVictoire, Andrew Critch Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Learning-theoretic AI alignment Vanessa Kosoy
Counterfactual reasoning Jacob Steinhardt

AI safety relation by subject

Note: as shown by the large number of “unknown” values, most of the positions haven’t been categorized by relation/subject so this table will only be useful in the future.

Subject UnknownAGI organizationGCR organizationpositionunrelated Total
Unknown 7040 372 61 265 1 7739
background 0 0 0 24 0 24
general 0 0 2 50 0 52
policy 0 0 0 1 0 1
popularization 0 0 0 2 0 2
software engineering 0 2 0 10 0 12
strategy 0 0 0 1 0 1
technical research 9 2 3 35 1 50
Total 7049 376 66 388 2 7881

Positions summary by year

Note: as shown by the large number of “unknown” values, most of the positions haven’t been categorized by start/end dates so this table will only be useful in the future.

Year Start date End date
Unknown 1383 6011
1986 1 0
1993 1 0
1997 3 0
1999 2 1
2000 6 0
2001 6 0
2002 62 1
2003 15 0
2004 33 4
2005 59 5
2006 38 14
2007 47 6
2008 74 5
2009 125 13
2010 157 39
2011 226 50
2012 158 66
2013 181 75
2014 252 56
2015 355 150
2016 621 214
2017 666 252
2018 816 326
2019 821 248
2020 810 195
2021 795 134
2022 168 16

Positions grouped by person

Showing 162 people with positions.

Name Number of organizations List of organizations
Paul Christiano 9 AI Impacts, Future of Humanity Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Open Philanthropy, OpenAI, Ought, Redwood Research, Theiss Research, University of California, Berkeley
Nick Bostrom 7 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Humanity Institute, Future of Life Institute, Google DeepMind, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of Oxford
Stuart Russell 7 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Human-Compatible AI, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Critch 6 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality, Center for Human-Compatible AI, Encultured.AI, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley
Dario Amodei 5 Anthropic, Cooperative AI Foundation, Google Brain, Open Philanthropy, OpenAI
Ryan Carey 5 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Humanity Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, OpenAI, Ought
Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh 5 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Humanity Institute, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Allan Dafoe 4 Cooperative AI Foundation, Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford, Yale University
Bas R. Steunebrink 4 IDSIA, NNAISENSE, SUPSI, Università della Svizzera italiana
Heather Roff 4 Arizona State University, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, New America Foundation, University of Oxford
Jaan Tallinn 4 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Jan Leike 4 Australian National University, Future of Humanity Institute, Google DeepMind, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Matthijs Maas 4 Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Global Politics of Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Yale University and University of Oxford, Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, University of Copenhagen
Miles Brundage 4 Arizona State University, Future of Humanity Institute, General AI Challenge, OpenAI
Qiaochu Yuan 4 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of California, Berkeley
Roman Yampolskiy 4 General AI Challenge, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of Louisville
Seth Baum 4 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs
Adrian Weller 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
Alison Gopnik 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Andrew Snyder-Beattie 3 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Future of Humanity Institute, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Bart Selman 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Cornell University, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Ben Weinstein-Raun 3 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Ought, Redwood Research
Benjamin Mann 3 Anthropic, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, OpenAI
Brian Tomasik 3 Center for Reducing Suffering, Effective Altruism Foundation, Foundational Research Institute
Christopher Olah 3 Google Brain, Open Philanthropy, OpenAI
Daniel Dewey 3 Future of Humanity Institute, Future of Life Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Elon Musk 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, OpenAI
Eric Rogstad 3 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality, LessWrong 2.0
Francesca Rossi 3 Future of Life Institute, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Padova
Gillian Hadfield 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Cooperative AI Foundation, OpenAI
Girish Sastry 3 Future of Humanity Institute, OpenAI, Ought
Huw Price 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
Jack Clark 3 Anthropic, Center for Security and Emerging Technology, OpenAI
Jacob Steinhardt 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Open Philanthropy, Stanford University
Janos Kramar 3 Future of Life Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of Montreal
Jeremy Schlatter 3 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, OpenAI
Johannes Treutlein 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Centre for Effective Altruism, Effective Altruism Foundation
José Hernández-Orallo 3 General AI Challenge, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, University of Cambridge
Jürgen Schmidhuber 3 IDSIA, SUPSI, Università della Svizzera italiana
Kaj Sotala 3 Foundational Research Institute, LessWrong 2.0, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Katja Grace 3 AI Impacts, Future of Humanity Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Kyle Scott 3 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality, Future of Humanity Institute
Laurent Orseau 3 AgroParisTech, Google DeepMind, INRA
Malo Bourgon 3 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Redwood Research
Mark Ring 3 IDSIA, SUPSI, Università della Svizzera italiana
Martin Rees 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Matthew Graves 3 Center for Applied Rationality, LessWrong 2.0, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Max Tegmark 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Oliver Habryka 3 Center for Applied Rationality, LessWrong 2.0, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Owain Evans 3 Future of Humanity Institute, Ought, University of Oxford
Patrick LaVictoire 3 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Quixey, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Pieter Abbeel 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, OpenAI, University of California, Berkeley
Ramana Kumar 3 Data61, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of Cambridge
Robin Hanson 3 Future of Humanity Institute, George Mason University, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Smitha Milli 3 Center for Human-Compatible AI, OpenAI, University of California, Berkeley
Tobias Baumann 3 Center for Reducing Suffering, Foundational Research Institute, University College London
Tom Brown 3 Anthropic, Google Brain, OpenAI
Victoria Krakovna 3 Future of Life Institute, Google DeepMind, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Yang Liu 3 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, OpenAI, University of Cambridge
Adam Scholl 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute
Ales Flidr 2 Centre for Effective Altruism, Future of Life Institute
Alex Turner 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Oregon State University
Alex Zhu 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Nonlinear Fund
Alexey Potapov 2 AIDEUS, ITMO University
Amanda Askell 2 Anthropic, OpenAI
Amrit Sidhu-Brar 2 Cooperative AI Foundation, Effective Altruism Foundation
Anca Dragan 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, University of California, Berkeley
Andreas Stuhlmüller 2 Ought, Stanford University
Anna Salamon 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Ben Goertzel 2 CogPrime, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Ben Goldhaber 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Ought
Benya Fallenstein 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, University of Bristol
Beth Barnes 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Blake Borgeson 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Redwood Research
Buck Shlegeris 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Redwood Research
Carl Shulman 2 Future of Humanity Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Carrick Flynn 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Future of Humanity Institute
Catherine Olsson 2 Anthropic, OpenAI
Chris Cundy 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Ought
Chris Maddison 2 Google DeepMind, University of Oxford
Christine Peterson 2 Foresight Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Christopher Cundy 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Future of Humanity Institute
Connor Flexman 2 AI Impacts, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Daniel Filan 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Future of Humanity Institute
Daniel Kokotajlo 2 AI Impacts, Effective Altruism Foundation
Daniel Ziegler 2 OpenAI, Redwood Research
Daniela Amodei 2 Anthropic, OpenAI
Danny Hernandez 2 Anthropic, OpenAI
David Abel 2 Brown University, Future of Humanity Institute
David Manheim 2 Association for Long Term Existence and Resilience, Future of Humanity Institute
Demis Hassabis 2 Google DeepMind, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Dmitrii Krasheninnikov 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, University of Amsterdam
Dylan Hadfield-Menell 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, University of California, Berkeley
Gwern Branwen 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Helen Toner 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, OpenAI
Holden Karnofsky 2 OpenAI, Redwood Research
Jade Leung 2 Future of Humanity Institute, OpenAI
Jakob Foerster 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, OpenAI
James Miller 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Smith College
Jeffrey Ding 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Future of Humanity Institute
Jelena Luketina 2 Aalto University, Université de Montréal
Jesse Clifton 2 Cooperative AI Foundation, Effective Altruism Foundation
Jesse Galef 2 Future of Life Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Jesse Liptrap 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Jia Yuan Loke 2 Anthropic, Effective Altruism Foundation
Jimmy Rintjema 2 AI Impacts, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Johannes Heidecke 2 AI Safety Camp, Road to AI Safety Excellence
John Salvatier 2 AI Impacts, Future of Humanity Institute
Jon Gauthier 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, OpenAI
Joseph Halpern 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Cornell University
Joshua Fox 2 Association for Long Term Existence and Resilience, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Joshua Gans 2 National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Toronto
Julia Galef 2 Center for Applied Rationality, OpenAI
Justin Shovelain 2 Convergence Analysis, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Kenzi Amodei 2 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality
Kristinn R. Thórisson 2 Center for Analysis & Design of Intelligent Agents, Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines
Long Ouyang 2 OpenAI, Theiss Research
Lukas Gloor 2 Effective Altruism Foundation, Foundational Research Institute
Marcello Herreshoff 2 Google, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Marek Havrda 2 General AI Challenge, GoodAI
Marek Rosa 2 General AI Challenge, GoodAI
Margaret Boden 2 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Martina Kunz 2 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Matthew Fallshaw 2 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Max Daniel 2 Effective Altruism Foundation, Foundational Research Institute
Melody Guan 2 Future of Life Institute, Google Brain
Michael Blume 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Michael Keenan 2 Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, Center for Applied Rationality
Michael Page 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, OpenAI
Michael Wellman 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, University of Michigan
Mihaly Barasz 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Nilcons
Murray Shanahan 2 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Neal Jean 2 Future of Humanity Institute, Ought
Olga Afanasjeva 2 General AI Challenge, GoodAI
Owen Cotton-Barratt 2 Centre for Effective Altruism, Redwood Research
Ozzie Gooen 2 Convergence Analysis, Ought
Randall C. O’Reilly 2 eCortex, University of Colorado Boulder
Remco Zwetsloot 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, OpenAI
Remmelt Ellen 2 AI Safety Camp, Road to AI Safety Excellence
Reuben Stern 2 Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Richard Ngo 2 OpenAI, University of Cambridge
Robert Miles 2 Nonlinear Fund, Road to AI Safety Excellence
Rosie Campbell 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, OpenAI
Roxanne Heston 2 Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Future of Humanity Institute
Sam Clarke 2 Future of Humanity Institute, The Future Society
Sam McCandlish 2 Anthropic, OpenAI
Sergey Rodionov 2 AIDEUS, Aix-Marseille University
Sören Mindermann 2 Center for Human-Compatible AI, Future of Humanity Institute
Stephanie Zolayvar 2 AI Impacts, Center for Applied Rationality
Stephen Hawking 2 Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Future of Life Institute
Steve Omohundro 2 Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Self-Aware Systems
Steven Umbrello 2 Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies
Stuart Armstrong 2 Future of Humanity Institute, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Timothy Telleen-Lawton 2 Anthropic, Center for Applied Rationality
Tom Everitt 2 Australian National University, Google DeepMind
Tom McGrath 2 Future of Humanity Institute, Ought
Tsvi Benson-Tilsen 2 Center for Applied Rationality, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Vanessa Kosoy 2 Association for Long Term Existence and Resilience, Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Vincent Conitzer 2 Cooperative AI Foundation, Duke University
Will Millership 2 General AI Challenge, GoodAI
Will Sawin 2 Institute for Theoretical Studies at ETH Zurich, Princeton University
Zac Kenton 2 Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, Ought

Positions grouped by organization

Showing 148 organizations.

Organization Number of people List of people
OpenAI 328 Vishal Kuo, Yaniv Markovski, Steven Bills, Daniel Levy, Adam Nace, Eugene Wu, Jessica Shieh, Dave Willner, Chester Cho, Ryan Peterson, Oleg Mürk, Tatiana Zolotova, Sully Chen, Juston Forte, Tolly Powell, Joanne Jang, Chaitra A., Zarina Stanik, Austin Wiseman, Rob Mallery, Adam Goldberg, Preston Tuggle, Matthew Gentzel, Davit Khachatryan, Rajeev Nayak, Giambattista Parascandolo, Gretchen M. Krueger, Lama Ahmad, Anna Makanju, Carroll Wainwright, Sarah Shoker, Richard Ngo, Elie Georges, Victor Benito Garcia Rocha, Vitchyr Pong, Angie Luo, Stefanie Biaggi, Lisa Dethridge, Vlad Ursu, Lukasz Kaiser, Isabel Alves de Lima, Rosie Campbell, Sarthak Agrawal, Lucas Negritto, Johannes H., Karl Whitford Pollard, Kyle Kosic, Radhika Mathur, Jason Kwon, Emanuele Marchiori, Gualberto Briceño, Frances Choi, Natalie Summers, Tabarak Khan, Jesse Han, Bob Rotsted, Ishant Singh, Jade Leung, Hannah Wong, Che Chang, Zack Kass, Miles Brundage, Shawn Jain, Steven Adler, Jonathan Gordon, Maddie Simens, Suchir Balaji, Tyna Eloundou, Adam Rhodes, Jonathan Ward, Bram Adams, Philippe Tillet, Julián Santoro, Phuong Vu, Theresa Lopez, Mo Bavarian, Dave Cummings, Fotios Chantzis, Denny Jin, Joel Lehman, Raul Puri, Fraser Kelton, Joost Huizinga, Robert B. Brodsky, Red A., Emy Parparita, Kelly Sims, Tim Yanchen Wang, Rachelle F., Arvind Neelakantan, Jeff Clune, Roger Xu Jiang, Aris Konstantinidis, Christina Hendrickson, Tao Xu, Stanislas Polu, Girish Sastry, Cullen O"Keefe, Mario Saltarelli, Luke Miller, Ife Riamah, Long Ouyang, Justin Jay Wang, Alex Paino, Ilge Akkaya, Jerry Tworek, Mor Katz, Nikolas Tezak, Karson Elmgren, Danny Hernandez, Maxim Sokolov, Edgar Barraza, Janet Brown, Yuhao Wan, Helen (Mengxin) Ji, Elynn Chen, Nancy Otero, Jonathan Michaux, Fatma Tarlaci, Ben Chess, Bianca Martin, Qiming Yuan, Mateusz Litwin, Amanda Askell, Justin Wang, Janine Korovesis, Clemens Winter, Lei Zhang, Christopher Olah, Mikhail Pavlov, Todor Markov, Jacob Hilton, Ian Atha, Maddie Hall, Sue Yoon, Jacob Jackson, Taehoon Kim, Ingmar Kanitscheider, Gillian Hadfield, Matt Mochary, Michał Staniszewski, Jeffrey Wu, Arthur Petron, Brad Lightcap, Ethan Knight, Will Rice, Sophia Arakelyan, Nadja Rhodes, Munashe Shumba, Ifu Aniemeka, Holly Grimm, Hannah Davis, Dolapo Martins, Mira Murati, Xingyou (Richard) Song, Johannes Otterbach, Josh Meier, Yilun Du, Karl Cobbe, Christine McLeavey Payne, Daniel Ziegler, Susan Zhang, Michael Petrov, Hanjun Dai, Sadhika Malladi, Aravind Srinivas, Erin Grant, Will Grathwohl, Sam McCandlish, Thomas Anthony, Aleksandar Botev, Peter Zhokhov, Eric Sigler, Diane Yoon, Manuel Sherbakoff, Elena Chatziathanasiadou, Rewon Child, Maran Nelson, Julia Galef, Parnian Barekatain, Kaleo Hao, Kevin Wong, Ryan Carey, Glenn Powell, Lilian Weng, Christy Dennison, David Farhi, Adam Smets, Remco Zwetsloot, Ashley C. Pilipiszyn, Mathew Shrwed, David Luan, Maciej Chociej, Jonathan Raiman, Bowen Baker, Larissa Schiavo, Alex Nichol, Nikhil Mishra, Karthik Narasimhan, Phillip Isola, Geoffrey Irving, Yuping Luo, Joshua Achiam, Brooke Chan, AlShaun Baksh, Jakob Foerster, Christos Louizos, Aditya Grover, Jiaming Song, Cathy Wu, Trapit Bansal, Maruan Al-Shedivat, Lerrel Pinto, Kevin Frans, Jason Peng, Han Zhang, Yang Liu, Dustin Tran, Quirin Fischer, Matthias Plappert, Art Chaidarun, David Lansky, Benjamin Mann, Jean Harb, Christopher Berner, Rein Houthooft, Ryan Lowe, Aleks Kamko, Yaroslav Bulatov, Jonathan Gray, Jakub Pachocki, Ankur Handa, Alex Ray, Catherine Olsson, Richard Chen, Michael Page, Shariq Hashme, Peter Welinder, Erika Reinhardt, Bob McGrew, Paul Christiano, Danielle Buma, Tim Shi, Jeremy Schlatter, Szymon Sidor, Taco Cohen, Josh Tobin, Rachel Fong, Harri Edwards, Jack Clark, Louise Cabansay, Meredith Blankenship, Jonathan Hernandez, Desmond Henderson, Marie La, Tambet Matiisen, Alexander Ray, Ludwig Pettersson, Craig Quiter, Alexander Skidanov, Marika Allely, Igor Mordatch, Filip Wolski, Zain Shah, Scott Gray, Dario Amodei, Gavan Woolery, Kate Miltenberger, Rafał Józefowicz, Jon Gauthier, Tyler Neylon, Prafulla Dhariwal, Jie Tang, Marcin Andrychowicz, Tim Salimans, Shivon Zilis, Jonas Schneider, Jeff Arnold, Peter Chen, Eric Price, Jonathan Ho, Linxi Fan, Alec Radford, Yura Burda, Ian Goodfellow, Chris Clark, Rocky Duan, Tom Brown, Trevor Blackwell, Ilya Sutskever, Pieter Abbeel, Andrej Karpathy, Wojciech Zaremba, John Schulman, Sam Altman, Elon Musk, Pamela Vagata, Vicki Cheung, Greg Brockman, Durk Kingma, Matt Krisiloff, Pavan Sharma, Helen Toner, Daniela Amodei, Henrique Pondé, Tasha McCauley, Reid Hoffman, Adam D’Angelo, Holden Karnofsky, Yan Duan, Sandy Huang, Nicolas Papernot, Aviv Tamar, Yi Wu, Bradly Stadie, Vikash Kumar, Anish Athalye, Tamim Asfour, Xi Chen, Christopher Hesse, Przemysław Dębiak, Oleg Klimov, Shun Liao, Elman Mansimov, Yuhuai Wu, Shimon Whiteson, Xue Bin Peng, Smitha Milli
Machine Intelligence Research Institute 178 James Payor, Edward Kmett, Victoria Krakovna, Ben Weinstein-Raun, Alex Zhu, David Simmons, Alex Mennen, Linda Linsefors, Daniel Demski, Alex Appel, Evan Hubinger, Qiaochu Yuan, Andrew Critch, Colm Ó Riain, Aaron Silverbook, Alex Vermeer, Buck Shlegeris, Blake Borgeson, Jesse Liptrap, Kurt Brown, Tsvi Benson-Tilsen, Abram Demski, Sam Eisenstat, Benjamin Mann, Jeremy Schlatter, Jan Leike, Matthew Graves, Ryan Carey, Connor Flexman, Gary Drescher, Malo Bourgon, Andrew Lapinski-Barker, Robin Hanson, Jack Gallagher, Vanessa Kosoy, Ramana Kumar, Jaan Tallinn, Jed McCaleb, Bart Selman, Stuart Russell, Nate Thomas, Stuart Armstrong, Jessica Taylor, Scott Garrabrant, Jake Moskowitz, Luke Muehlhauser, Jesse Galef, Matthew Fallshaw, Nicolas Gagné, Elizabeth Morningstar, Antonius Lourenço Kasbergen, Lila Rieber, Vipul Naik, Nate Soares, Jimmy Rintjema, Daniel Lewis, Richard Neal, Rob Bensinger, Robert Mushkatblat, Dávid Natingga, Moshe Looks, Nathan Clark, James Miller, Randal Koene, Seth Baum, Evan Erickson, Sebastian Nickel, Oliver Habryka, Nisan Stiennon, Patrick LaVictoire, Bill Hibbard, Benya Fallenstein, Paul Christiano, Mihaly Barasz, Jeremy Miller, Steve Rayhawk, Vladimir Nesov, Anja Heinisch, Joshua Fox, Stephen Barnes, Ioven Fables, Daniel Roth, Patrick Robotham, Kaj Sotala, Alex Altair, Pedro Chaves, Topher Brennan, Liron Shapira, Jonathan Wang, Nickolai Leschov, Cameron Taylor, Tomer Kagan, Gwern Branwen, Erica Edelman, Jake Miller, Kevin Fischer, Lincoln Quirk, Robert V. Brazell, Roman Yampolskiy, Keefe Roedersheimer, Will Newsome, Minda Myers, Nevin Freeman, Diego Caleiro, Peter Scheyer, Daniel Dewey, Stanislas Sochacki, Abraham Wolk, Thomas Colthurst, Luke Grecki, Dennis Fan, Jasen Murray, Louie Helm, Janos Kramar, Ben Hoskin, Tim Czech, Jason Levin, Robert Zahra, Frank Adamek, Aruna Vassar, Amy Willey, Michael Anissimov, Harrison Willey, Max Tegmark, Henrik Jonsson, Edwin Evans, Anna Salamon, Kemal Eren, Michael Blume, Andrew Rettek, Michael Vassar, Nick Tarleton, Carl Shulman, Justin Shovelain, Roko Mijic, Thomas McCabe, Steven Kaas, Andrew Hay, Katja Grace, Vincent Fagot, Peter de Blanc, Andriy Brodskyy, Bryan Bishop, Alyssa Vance, Peter Cheeseman, David Hart, Susan Fonseca-Klein, C. Colby Thomson, Pejman Makhfi, Jonas Lamis, Steve Omohundro, Bruce Klein, Allison Taguchi, Ben Goertzel, Barney Pell, Neil Jacobstein, Brian Atkins, Ray Kurzweil, Tyler Emerson, Marcello Herreshoff, Carolyn L. Burke, Peter Thiel, Emil Gilliam, Jeff Medina, Christine Peterson, Aubrey de Grey, Nick Bostrom, Michael Roy Ames, Jeff Alexander, Michael Wilson, Christian Rovner, Michael Raimondi, Sabine Atkins, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Carson Jones, Kaya Stechly, Zach Davis, Mariah Wang
Center for Security and Emerging Technology 162 Donna Artusy, Helen Toner, Nii Simmonds, Ronnie Kinoshita, Kevin Wolf, Walter Haydock, Jessica J., Shuvo Bardhan, Ella Kay, Laissa A., Owen Daniels, Catherine Aiken, Shelton Fitch, Sara Abdulla, Lisa Oguike, Dalila Scott, Ali Crawford, Dewey Murdick, Channing Lee, Luke Koslosky, Heeu Millie Kim, Claire Perkins, Kayla Goode, Adrienne Thompson, Eish Sumra, Faeez J., Abelardo Cruz Osorio, Arsh S., Shelton E. Fitch, Maya Gros, Ingrid Dickinson, Alex Friedland, Alan Omar Loera Martinez, Cinzia Luna, Lizbeth Lucero, Mary Hill Brooks, Filippo Fagnoni, J. Guillermo Mendoza Bazán, Melissa Deng, Ashwin Acharya, Piyush Mishra, Gustavo Mauricio Bastien Olvera, Oneeb Ul Haq Khan, Will Hunt, Diana Gehlhaus Carew, George Klein, Darius Diamond, Emma Caviness, Sean Kucer, Chris Rohlf, Christine McNeill, Collins Nji, Beba Cibralic, Ashton Garriott, Simon Godfrey Rodriguez, Alex Barker, Luwei Lei, Christina Ismailos, Raveena Kshatriya, Jennifer Keltz, Andreas Greiler-Basaldúa, Jasmine Ding, Bryce Farabaugh, Katerina Sedova, Austin Dahmer, Zuleirys Santana-Rodriguez, Farid Nemri, Rebecca Gelles, Wyatt Hoffman, Autumn Toney, Dakota Cary, Ngor Luong, Jacob Feldgoise, Yiming Y., Ines P., Sue Gordon, Nicolina Demakos, Emily Xue, Reginald Brothers, Jacob Strieb, Ziling Wang, Alexandra Vreeman, Charlie Wang, Wenchuan Dong, Jack Lucas, Stephanie O"Sullivan, Jeff Ding, Igor Mikolic-Torreira, Emefa Addo Agawu, Jack Clark, Dakota Foster, Jonathan Murdick, Benjamin Chang, Alexander M., Tarun Chhabra, Robert Cardillo, Husanjot Chahal, Dahlia Peterson, Ben Murphy, Andrew Imbrie, Saif Khan, Tina Huang, Tim G. J. Rudner, Saif M. Khan, Ryan Fedasiuk, Lynne Weil, Rebecca Kagan, Jamie Baker, Daniel Chou, Ben Chang, Jeffrey Ding, Tantum Collins, James Dunham, Ziyi Wang, Zachary Arnold, William Hannas, Santiago Mutis, Schuyler Moore, Elsa Kania, Michael Sulmeyer, Peggy Evans, Carrick Flynn, Tim Hwang, Tessa Baker, Roxanne Heston, Daniel Hague, Thuy Nguyen, Kate Collins, Remco Zwetsloot, Michael Page, Melissa Flagg, Max Langenkamp, Matthew Daniels, Lorand Laskai, Add Oguike, Jason Matheny, Ilya Rahkovsky, Eri Phinisee, Darrin Gladman, Daniel Cebul, Cindy Martinez, Christopher Back, Ben Buchanan, Avonelle Davis, Aurora Johnson, Alan Loera, Aditi Joshi, Rafay Ur Rehman Khan, Olivia Albrighton-Vanway, Mina Narayanan, Margarita Konaev, John Bansemer, Jennifer Melot, Jack Corrigan, Huey-Meei Chang, Heather Frase, Emily Weinstein, Emelia Probasco, Caroline Schuerger, Anna Puglisi, Amy Chao, Andrew Lohn
Center for Human-Compatible AI 83 Rafael Albert, Tom Lenaerts, Pulkit Verma, Yuxi Liu, Lawrence Chan, Jessy Lin, Dan Hendryks, Cassidy Laidlaw, Alyssa Li Dayan, Alex Gunning, Stephen Casper, Sören Mindermann, Sergei Volodin, Pedro Freire, Neel Alex, Matthew Rahtz, Johannes Treutlein, Harry Giles, Eric Michaud, Cynthia Chen, Chris Cundy, Charlotte Roman, Rediet Abebe, Nika Haghtalab, Moritz Hardt, Jakob Foerster, Brian Christian, Noor Brody, Vael Gates, Rachel Freedman, Meir Friedenberg, Shlomi Hod, Jess Reidel, Alex Turner, Micah Carroll, David Lindner, Thomas Krendl Gilbert, Sam Toyer, Michael Dennis, Vincent Corruble, Jacob Steinhardt, Steven Wang, Karthika Mohan, Martin Fukui, Caroline Jeanmaire, Cody Wild, Rohin Shah, Adam Gleave, Niko Kolodny, Brandon Perry, Michael Littman, Smitha Milli, Monica Gates, Daniel Filan, Jaime Fernandez Fisac, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Marion Fourcade, Lara Buchak, Ken Goldberg, Juliana Schroeder, John Zysman, Demian Pouzo, Dawn Song, Charis Thompson, Alison Gopnik, Rosie Campbell, Mariano Florentino Cuéllar, Siddharth Srivastava, Gillian Hadfield, Tania Lombrozo, Beth Barnes, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov, Christopher Cundy, Andrew Critch, Mark Nitzberg, Satinder Singh Baveja, Michael Wellman, Joseph Halpern, Bart Selman, Tom Griffiths, Anca Dragan, Pieter Abbeel, Stuart Russell
Future of Life Institute 45 Daniel Dewey, Jesse Galef, Jacob Trefethen, Chase Moores, Daniel R. Miller, Janos Kramar, Max Kesin, Peter Haas, Melody Guan, Ales Flidr, Zara Yaqoob, Yishuai Du, Xin Wen, Vera Koroleva, Rafael Martinez-Galarza, Na Li, Kazue Evans, Jacob Beebe, Grzegorz Orwiński, Eric Gastfriend, Alan Yan, David Stanley, Lucas Perry, Richard Mallah, Tucker Davey, Ariel Conn, Frank Wilczek, Stuart Russell, Francesca Rossi, Martin Rees, Saul Perlmutter, Elon Musk, Christof Koch, Stephen Hawking, Alan Guth, Morgan Freeman, George Church, Erik Brynjolfsson, Nick Bostrom, Alan Alda, Meia Chita-Tegmark, Anthony Aguirre, Victoria Krakovna, Max Tegmark, Jaan Tallinn
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Nonlinear Fund 12 Daniel del Castillo, Corey Wood, Chris Leong, Peter Barnett, Tristan Cook, David Moss, Robert Miles, Alex Zhu, Spencer Greenberg, Jonas Vollmer, Emerson Spartz, Kat Woods
Cooperative AI Foundation 10 Lewis Hammond, Ruairi Donnelly, Gillian Kereldena Hadfield, Eric Horvitz, Dario Amodei, Amrit Sidhu-Brar, Allan Dafoe, Vincent Conitzer, Jesse Clifton, Gillian Hadfield
LessWrong 2.0 10 Ruben Bloom, Raymond Arnold, Eric Rogstad, Harmanas Chopra, Ben Albert Pace, Matthew Graves, Oliver Habryka, Elizabeth V, Kaj Sotala, James Babcock
University of Oxford 10 Charlie Rogers-Smith, Mrinank Sharma, Allan Dafoe, Ruth Fong, Chris Maddison, Heather Roff, Owain Evans, Michael Wooldridge, Aidan Gomez, Nick Bostrom
Whole Brain Architecture Initiative 9 Koji Morikawa, Hideyuki Nakashima, Hiroyuki Morikawa, Masaru Tomita, Kitano Hiroaki, Kenji Doya, Koichi Takahashi, Yutaka Matsuo, Hiroshi Yamakawa
Road to AI Safety Excellence 8 Remmelt Ellen, Trent Fowler, Erik Istre, Rupert McCallum, Robert Miles, Johannes Heidecke, Veerle de Goederen, Toon Alfrink
7 Joe Collman, Angela P., Anand Srinivasan, Orpheus Lummis, Stag Lynn, Alexander Gietelink Oldenziel, Tegan McCaslin
AI Safety Camp 7 Anne Wissemann, Jan Kulveit, Johannes Heidecke, Remmelt Ellen, Jessica Cooper, Kristina Nemcova, Jirí Nadvorník
Australian National University 7 Gary Lea, Alan Hájek, Jan Leike, Marcus Hutter, Jarryd Martin, Elliot Catt, Tom Everitt
University of Cambridge 7 Richard Ngo, Adrian Weller, Arif Ahmed, Huw Price, Yang Liu, Ramana Kumar, Jose Hernandez-Orallo
Foundational Research Institute 6 Brian Tomasik, Max Daniel, Kaj Sotala, Caspar Oesterheld, Lukas Gloor, Tobias Baumann
Google Brain 6 Jeremy Nixon, Melody Guan, Tom Brown, Dan Mané, Dario Amodei, Christopher Olah
Association for Long Term Existence and Resilience 5 Gidon Kadosh, Edo Arad, Joshua Fox, Vanessa Kosoy, David Manheim
Carnegie Mellon University 5 Leqi Liu, Noam Brown, David Danks, Manuela Veloso, Andre Platzer
Center for Reducing Suffering 5 Winston Oswald-Drummond, Magnus Vinding, Teo Ajantaival, Brian Tomasik, Tobias Baumann
Convergence Analysis 5 Ozzie Gooen, Claire Abu-Assal, Kristian Rönn, Andrew X Stewart, Justin Shovelain
EthicsNet 4 Aleksandra Orchowska, Remco Bloemen, Anish Mohammed, Nell Watson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4 Joshua Brett Tenenbaum, Jon Gauthier, Julius Adebayo, Andrew Ilyas
Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms 4 Zac Kenton, Doina Precup, Joelle Pineau, Yoshua Bengio
Open Philanthropy 4 Paul Christiano, Jacob Steinhardt, Dario Amodei, Christopher Olah
Centre for Effective Altruism 3 Johannes Treutlein, Ales Flidr, Owen Cotton-Barratt
Cornell University 3 Bart Selman, Joseph Halpern, Jim Babcock
eCortex 3 Randall C. O’Reilly, Seth J. Herd, David J. Jilk
Foresight Institute 3 Christine Peterson, Mark S. Miller, Allison Duettmann
IDSIA 3 Bas R. Steunebrink, Mark Ring, Jürgen Schmidhuber
SUPSI 3 Mark Ring, Jürgen Schmidhuber, Bas R. Steunebrink
Università della Svizzera italiana 3 Mark Ring, Jürgen Schmidhuber, Bas R. Steunebrink
University of Toronto 3 Joshua Gans, Dami Choi, Roger Grosse
Yale University 3 Wendell Wallach, Daniel Eth, Allan Dafoe
AIDEUS 2 Sergey Rodionov, Alexey Potapov
Arizona State University 2 Heather Roff, Miles Brundage
Center for a New American Security 2 Gregory C. Allen, Paul Scharre
Center for Human Success 2 Wyatt Tessari, David Yu
Encultured.AI 2 Andrew Critch, Nick Hay
Endgame 2 Hyrum Anderson, Bobby Filar
Google 2 Vladimir Slepnev, Marcello Herreshoff
Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent 2 Tamas Madl, Stan Franklin
Linköping University 2 Mikael Böörs, Tobias Wängberg
London School of Economics 2 Katie Steele, Wlodek Rabinowicz
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 2 Stephan Hartmann, Reuben Stern
Oregon State University 2 Alex Turner, Thomas Dietterich
Theiss Research 2 Paul Christiano, Long Ouyang
UCLA School of Law 2 Richard Re, Edward Parson
University College London 2 John Shawe-Taylor, Tobias Baumann
University of Michigan 2 Michael Wellman, James M. Joyce
University of Wisconsin–Madison 2 Reuben Stern, Patrick LaVictoire
Aalto University 1 Jelena Luketina
AgroParisTech 1 Laurent Orseau
AI Challenge 1 David Denkenberger
Aix-Marseille University 1 Sergey Rodionov
American University 1 Thomas Zeitzoff
Birkbeck, University of London 1 Ulrike Hahn
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 1 Gopal Sarma
Brown University 1 David Abel
California Institute of Technology 1 Frederick Eberhardt
Carleton University 1 Andrew MacFie
Center for Analysis & Design of Intelligent Agents 1 Kristinn R. Thórisson
CogPrime 1 Ben Goertzel
Czech Technical University 1 Vojtěch Kovařík
Data61 1 Ramana Kumar
Duke University 1 Vincent Conitzer
Electronic Frontier Foundation 1 Peter Eckersley
ETH Zurich 1 Felix Berkenkamp
George Mason University 1 Robin Hanson
Georgia Institute of Technology 1 Fuxin Li
Global Politics of Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Yale University and University of Oxford 1 Matthijs Maas
Hague Centre for Strategic Studies 1 Matthijs Maas
Harvard University 1 David Parkes
Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines 1 Kristinn R. Thórisson
Information Society Project 1 Rebecca Crootof
INRA 1 Laurent Orseau
Institute for Future Studies 1 H. Orri Stefánsson
Institute for Theoretical Studies at ETH Zurich 1 Will Sawin
Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies 1 Steven Umbrello
Internet Archive 1 Brewster Kahle
ITMO University 1 Alexey Potapov
Legal Priorities Project 1 Nick Hollman
Lingnan University 1 Jiji Zhang
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology 1 Vladimir Shakirov
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy 1 Catrin Campbell-Moore
Nanyang Technological University 1 Preston Greene
NARS 1 Pei Wang
National Bureau of Economic Research 1 Joshua Gans
New America Foundation 1 Heather Roff
New York University 1 Ethan Perez
Nilcons 1 Mihaly Barasz
NNAISENSE 1 Bas R. Steunebrink
Oxford University 1 Joar Skalse
Phenomenological AI Safety Research Institute 1 G Gordon Worley III
Princeton University 1 Will Sawin
Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute 1 Vincent Luczkow
Quixey 1 Patrick LaVictoire
Real AI 1 Jonathan Yan
Rice University 1 Moshe Vardi
Self-Aware Systems 1 Steve Omohundro
Smith College 1 James Miller
Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs 1 Seth Baum
Sorbonne University 1 Michaël Trazzi
Susaro 1 Richard Loosemore
Teesside University 1 The Anh Han
Texas A&M University 1 Kenny Easwaran
The Australian National University 1 Michael Cohen
The Consortium on the Landscape of AI Safety 1 Alexis Carlier
The Future Society 1 Sam Clarke
The New School 1 Peter Asaro
Ulm University 1 ‪Daniel Alexander Braun
Université de Montréal 1 Jelena Luketina
University of Alberta 1 Tor Lattimore
University of Amsterdam 1 Dmitrii Krasheninnikov
University of Arizona 1 Jenann Ismael
University of Bath 1 Joanna Bryson
University of Bristol 1 Benya Fallenstein
University of Colorado 1 Seth Herd
University of Colorado Boulder 1 Randall C. O’Reilly
University of Copenhagen 1 Matthijs Maas
University of Edinburgh 1 Angelo Frank De Bellis
University of Illinois at Chicago 1 Brian Ziebart
University of Louisville 1 Roman Yampolskiy
University of Melbourne 1 Benjamin Rubinstein
University of Montreal 1 Janos Kramar
University of New Hampshire 1 Andrew Ware
University of Padova 1 Francesca Rossi
University of Southern California 1 Stephen J. Read
University of Texas 1 Peter Stone
University of Washington 1 Daniel Weld
Washington University in St. Louis 1 Julia Haas

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Linda Ngcobo
Samim Khan
Thiru Kumaran
Kavindra Kushwah
Nalanda J
Gufran Ahamad
Sadhna Parmar
Aysha Bano
Nishant Dubey
Shaitan Singh Gurjar
Somya Chhabra
Nilam Jadhav
Bharat Atariya
Abdul Alim
Bijender Singh
Sono Sahu
Pallavi Pandey
Jasneet Kaur
Ashleigh Morrell
Sarah Nation
John Floretta
Keesler Welch
Claudia Macias
Olivia Bordeu Gazmuri
Archana Prabhakar
Ritu M.
Vivek Vaidhya
Anaëlle Solnon
Amanda Kohn Girard
Baban Chandra Nath
Rashi Sabherwal
Lina Marliani
Rashmi Bhat
George Richards
Prachi Shukla
Elghafiky Bimardhika
Jessica Troe
Caroline Tangoren
Abdoulaye N.
Bhakti Bhowmik
Mrignaina Tikku
Saut Togu Victory Pandiangan
Rupasree Srikumar
Shobitha Cherian
Vasu Chaudhary
Farida El-Gueretly
Neelima Mishra
Tomás Alburquerque Farías
Shubnit Mehra
AbdelRahman Nagy
Gunjita Gupta
Ana Tabacaru
Sachin Dubey
Sai Siddharth Janapareddy
Swarupjit Palit
Diana Warira
Isabela Salgado
Aimee Hare
Sharvari Ravishankar
Nidhi Parekh
Mano P.
Nadia Setiabudi
Bijit Das
Nadeen ElAshmawy
Michelle Cherian
Noha Fadl
Alison Fahey
Laura Poswell
Haris Zamaludin
Parsa Mahmud
Nada Rostom
Ankit Agarwal
Nupur Ghuliani
Tejal Johri
Laura Andrea Torres Cierpe
Radhika Bhula
Manvi Govil
Gaurav Saraf
Silky Dalal
Srinish Muthukrishnan
Sanjana Prabala Gorti
Niharika Ohri
Anshuman Shukla
Soumya Das
Sunder Singh
Gulshan Banas
Rachita Vig
Simranjeet Dhir
Yogendra Rajyaguru
Ola ElToukhi
Mayank Bhushan
Brindha Gopal
Spencer Crawford
Sai Pitre
Poonam Panda
Bhavani Kumara Masillamani
Sanchita Ohri
Kacem El Guernaoui
María José González Fuentes
Abhishek Deshwal
Lipika Kapoor
Lobna Kassim
Wen Wen Teh
Parul Khandelwal
Cristina Mac Gregor
Bhavya Sinha
Divya Manoj Goel
Arielle Rawlings
Heather McCurdy
Gargi Pal
Katrina Pereira
Saleena Son
Arihant Jain
Ruben Menon
Dishari Dasgupta
Movin Ansari
Santosh Kumar Sahoo
Lolita Moorena
Krishna Parmar
Gautam Patel
Pragnya Mohanty
Mary Pietrusko
Krishan Kumar
Daniela Aizencang
Adrien Pawlik
Aditya Madhusudan
John Ranjith
Maria Grazia Pastorello
Kalila Jackson-Spieker
Frances Lu
Vijendra Singh
Deepanshu Sharma
Raul Ranjan
Sandeep Langyan
Srinivasa Rao M
Lauren Roode
Siddharth P.
Hana Lakhdar Ghazal
Bakul Chugh
Andrea Cristina Ruiz
Adam Osman
Suddhasatwa Bhattacharya
Lisa Corsetto
Margaret Andersen
Niharika Betkerur
Alexia V.
Samuel Ayers
Madison Cann
Shubhangi Gokhroo
Shreya Chaturvedi
Buhat Siswi Yulianto
Andrew Avitabile
Siena Harlin
Simon Cooper
Megha Pradhan
Quentin Daviot
Toby Chaiken
Alessia Mortara
Erin Graeber
Audrey Cabral
Sanaya Chandar
Sarah Kopper
Carla Marie Peñafiel Messmer
Caroline Garau
Nitin Shankar Kanakaraj
Kevin Wentworth
Teresa Lezcano Cadwallader
Laura Feeney
Kyle Murphy
Atonu Rabbani
Maya Duru
Prajwal S
Dipika Gawande
Vidita Priyadarshini
Manish Pandey
Aditya Rayala
Flavy Sen Sharma
Priyal Patil
Kodjo Aflagah
Mary Ann Miller Bates
Adrienne Lucas
Avadhanula Karthik
Lucia Diaz-Martin
Srijana Chandrashekhar
Apoorva Baheti
Noreen Giga
Bijoyetri Samaddar
Emily Romano
Anupama Dathan
Sathia Chakrapani
Aimee Barnes
Colley Buwana
Adam Farah
Sarah Smith
John Cavanagh
Gabriel Cruz
Gaëlle Féneloux
Hannah Reuter
Yijin Yang
Daniela Melisa Gómez Treviño
Rakesh Pandey
Mustufa Patel
Amanda Lee
Sandhya Seetharaman
Aprille Knox
Saroj Karan
Anne Healy
Alexandre Stathopoulos
Yiping Li
Prakriti Singh
José Domingo Navarro Calderón
Rohini Iyer
Mohamed Omar
Isha Sharma
Michael Gibson
Wim Louw
Eduardo Gutierrez
Gabrielle Hauray
Hanny Achmad
Louise Geraghty
Farah Amalia
Jesse Gubb
Bala Subramanian
Subhashini Ravi
Ritu Bhagat
Carlos Guzman
Elizabeth Cao
Christopher Jaffe
Arun Chaubey
Gurjot Singh
Goodwill Mpofu
Jenna Juwono
Sagar Bhavsar
Rohit Naimpally
Ignacio Torres Ulloa
Mahesh Shete
Abhijeet Kashyap
Jonathan Rowe
Christopher Palmer
R Ramakrishna
Saisudha A
Simon Briole
Praveen Raj Velusamy
Sonu Sahu
David Atkin
Chris Blattman
Nicholas Bloom
Emily Breza
Joseph Doyle
Oeindrila Dube
Amy Finkelstein
Kelsey Jack
Lawrence Katz
Isaac Mbiti
Craig McIntosh
Benjamin A. Olken
Philip Oreopoulos
Abbas El Akari
Hala ElBehairy
Taliya Imaniya
M Radhiyan Pasopati Pribadi
Ayu Primastuti
Laura Torres
Alosias A
Narayanee A
Khaira Abdillah
Mardhiyyah Achmad
Primrose Adjepong
Tanisha Agrawal
Lou Aisenberg
Mochamad Thoriq Akbar
Ramsha Alam
Razan Amine
Sanjana Anand
Nadila Trisie
Caitlyn Ark
Bhawna Arora
Manjali Arora
Winnifred Arthur
Alok Arunam
Maria Arzumanov
Lakshmi Aishwarya Atluri
Nadia Avianti
Tanmay Bansal
Jon Bockman
Allison Smith
Eric Herboso
Amanda Hope
Louis Fletcher
Alexa Zmich
Venky Kannan
Jason Kirschner
Carrie Tanasichuk
Gary Shapiro
Krisztina Filep
Renee Shamloo
Amanda Lueke
Erika Alonso
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Peter Hurford
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Max Carpendale
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Glen Watson
Jacy Reese
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Dee Perez
Pablo Mosteiro
Kieran Greig
Greg Boese
Amanda Cesario
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Leah Edgerton
Sawsan Khalaf
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Luke Hecht
Jonas Müller
Jeff Sebo
Peter Singer
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Kalista Barter
Lauren Harris
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Cameron Meyer Shorb
Jessica Beames
Roisin McAuley
Becca Imrich
Larry Butz
Jordan Ross
Alexandra Johnson
Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill
Mamie Hamshere
Kathryn Asher
Samantha Berscht
Maria Salazar
Catherine Derieux
Sydney Heiss
Carlene Kucharczyk
Sydne Daniels
Rana Ejtehadian
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Eitan Fischer
Irene Tortajada Querol
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Melissa Guzikowski
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Marianne van der Werf
Elisabeth Renshaw
Anagha Uppal
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James Faville
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Holly Baines
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Brett Mills
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Nadine Grinberg
Zach Freitas-Groff
Galina Hale
Jonas Emanuel Müller
Wolfgang Schindler
Mahi Klosterhalfen
Rolf Hohensee
Erich Gräßer
Christoph Maisack
Hans Hinrich Sambraus
Hans-Georg Kluge
Markus Keller
Kurt Schmidinger
Konstantinos Tsilimekis
Andrea Broszio
Stephanie Knabe
Anne Schäfer
Anne Bohl-Gorny
Sabrina Grela
Ulf Jürgens
Michelle Pliquett
André Sabosch
Martin Brandenburg
Henner Brünjes
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Nele Köster
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Rieke Petter
Jennifer Wilke
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Anna-Maria Renner
Kai Tittmann
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Theresa Fedder
Inken Jakob-Thome
Janika Kleine
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Anna Stief
Loretta Schulte
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Karolina Kunda-Kuwieckij
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Sylvi Paulick
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Felice Lewandowski
Corinna Schumann
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Michael Nielsen
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Aadil Kara
Aaron Gertler
Aaron Mayer
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Amy Willey Labenz
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Benjamin Drawer
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Edward Davenport
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Eugene Ng
Frankie Andersen-Wood
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Hauke Hillebrandt
Hayden Wilkinson
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Hillary Grills
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Jah Ying Chung
James Snowden
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John Patrick Addison
Jonas Emanuel Vollmer
Jonathan Courtney
Jonathan Mustin
Joshua Axford
Kandasi Griffiths
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Kathryn Mecrow
Katie Glass
Kerry Vaughan
Kevin A. Wong
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Luke K. Freeman
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Sophie Ritchie
Stefan Schubert
Stephanie Tam
Tyler Alterman
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Bernard Aronson
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C. Boyden Gray
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John L. Hennessy
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Carol J. Lancaster
Susan B. Levine
Reynold Levy
Sir Colin Lucas
Nora C. Lustig
M. Peter McPherson
Kenneth Prewitt
John T. Reid
Dani Rodrik
William D. Ruckelshaus
Richard Sabot
Amartya K. Sen
James Gustave Speth
Ernest Stern
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Lawrence H. Summers
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Angela Gillespie
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Molly Kinder
J. R. Brandon Bayton
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Marcus A. Davis
Mark Engelbert
Charlie Whittaker
Mario Pinto
Abhijit Roy
Siobhan Brenton
Sanjiv Saigal
Mukesh Verma
Gunjan Shukla
Ritesh Meshram
Erik Hausen
Katriel Friedman
Varun Agrawal
Peter Quin-Conroy
Amit Aglawe
Sunil Paripelli
Krutika Ravishankar
Nithya Nagarathinam
Juliette Finetti
Tanay Chanda
Jake Peters
Arjun Kumar
Mohammad Munaf
Ram Prakash Dube
Ravi Prakash Ojha
Mukesh Raj
Sonu Kumar
Varsha Venugopal
Fiona Conlon
Deepak Bansal
Priya Ajmera
Patrick Stadler
Ujwal Thakar
Soni Kumari
Kundan Prasad
Kahkasha Khan
Deepika Kumari
Sweety Singh
Sapna Kumari
Rakhi Singh
Manoj Kumar Chaudhary
Jyoti Rajput
Juhi Kumari
Asif Akhtar Khan
Anupam Kumari
Amritesh Nishad
Alex Catalán Flores
Sumit Swami
Allen Francis
Micah Musser
Jonathan Erhardt
Tobias Pulver
Julienne Wenger
Patrick Germann
Natalie Cargill
Charlotte Blattner
Philipp Ryf
Raffael Fasel
Anna Travinskaya
Ricky Venz
Kay Honegger
Kaspar Gertsch
Anna Riedl
Mihai Badic
Marcello Veronese
Denis Drescher
Alina Mendt
Jona Sicheneder
Jeff Jordan
Kim Korte
Jan Dirk Capelle
Pascal Zimmer
Jasper Götting
Max Räuker
Leilani Bellamy
Jessica Mayer-Jones
Alex Foster
Alexandria Beck
Ashley Lin
Caleb Parikh
Denise Melchin
Elie Hassenfeld
Fabio Kuhn
Karolina Sarek
Lewis Bollard
Luke Ding
Matt Wage
Megan Brown
Mikaela Saccoccio
Olivia Jimenez
Peter Wildeford
Maxime Stauffer
Konrad Seifert
Nora Ammann
Neigeline Rivollat
Jela Ali
Matthieu Vétois
Janique Behman
Olympe Peretz
Lee Sharkey
Arielle Hirschi
Jan Pieter Snoeij
Cameron Schmidt
Olivier Leutke
Igor Krawczuk
Ruben Schmidle
Oliver Bramford
Ryan Mullen
Priya Mohana Selvamani
Julie Charef
Solomon Anzagra
Linnea Hakansson
Alvaro Candia
Maïlys Fischer
Emma Dayer-Tieffenbach
Safiah Mai
Florent Berthet
Marko Gajic
Chim Lee
Julian Theseira
Ellie Osborne
Samia Hurst
Naomi Nederlof
Nicolas Durussel
Mihaela Ciubotaru
Louis Faucon
Elias Friman
Lê Nguyen Hoang
Tomas Turner
Julian Englert
Brenda Penante
Cristina Bahamonde
Ivan Madan
Lori Falcon
Veronica Diaz Carrai
Aron Vallinder
Philip Trammell
Eirin Evjen
John G. Halstead
Stephen Clare
Leopold Aschenbrenner
Thomas Moynihan
Igor Kurganov
Pedro Oliboni
Ketan Ramakrishnan
Caroline Ellison
Gary Wang
Nishad Singh
Marina Feffer
Sid Efromovich
Natalie Rathner
Sunnie Huang
Cheri Ellis
Hedda Pahlson-Moller
Kurt Peleman
Robert Boogaard
Angela María Aristizábal Borrero
Zoë Gumm
Reannon Branchesi
Nicole Cook
Tyler Nemkov
Rebia Khan
Sable Joseph
Emily Byrd
Lauren Moore
Jake Glicker
Lena Tachdjian
Nicole Negowetti
Tatiana von Rheinbaben
Robin Nagele
Chris Roth
Clare Bland
Camila Cossio
Julie Massa
Bruce Friedrich
Katelyn Overland
Natalie Kelly
Nicole Rawling Roth
Christie Lagally
Jason Lawler
Gustavo Guadagnini
Jason Rudaizky
Paul Shapiro
Nathaniel Levy
Isaac Emery
Gibb Anella
Nick Tallant
Yaron Bogin
Shen Tong
Michael Sheehan
Joanna Grossman
Susan Burns
Charlie Palladino
Nicole Manu
Adam W. Jones
Chris Loy
Ajit Singh
Toube Benedetto
Chris Kerr
Matti Wilks
Waverly Eichhorst
Milena Esherick
Khaled bin Alwaleed
Josh Balk
Ryan Bethencourt
Kevin Boylan
Asheem Chandna
Liz Dee
Brad Goldberg
Alinta Hawkins
Chuck Laue
Craig Phillips
Mark Post
Alicia Robb
Chad Sarno
Derek Sarno
Susan Vitka
Suzy Welch
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Liz Specht
Jaime Surenkamp
Matt Prescott
Uma Valeti
Winnie Lam
Maggie Sadowsky
Erin Rees Clayton
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Miranda Grizio
Yad Jayanth
Brianna Cameron
Valentin Waschulin
Alison Rabschnuk
Jacqueline Kravette
Michael Christie
Michael Pellman Rowland
Jessica Almy
Amy Shepherd
Annie Cull
Brittany Chambers
Aylon Steinhart
Tracy Grade
David Welch
Allison Berke
Zak Weston
Colleen Deyo
Harriet Arnold
Arlin Wasserman
Nicole Rawling
Jeremy Coller
Brad Barbera
Matt Ball
Aryenish Birdie
Varun Deshpande
Gus Guadagnini
Rose Convery
Keri Szejda
Marie Gibbons
Emma Lucas
Andrew Kirschner
Anastasia Orth
Lance Lively
Jake Kneller
Alexis Vanderhye
Elizabeth Derbes
Shannon O'Neill
Anne Green
Giuliana D'Esopo
Tessa Urbanovich
Elaine Siu
Elliot Swartz
Ken Forsberg
Caroline Bushnell
Victoria Ramm
Mark Onley
Annie Osborn
Vanessa Assaro-Aluisa
Renee Bell
Sanah Baig
Michael Fotinatos
Peter Hamilton
Alicia Crawford
Jill Brant
John Mackey
Or Benjamin
Felipe Krelling
Elan Abrell
Natalia Veinott
Victoria Wheeler
Olivia Battle
Sarah Dressel
Lindsay Gaesser
Kelyse McKeon
Ajay Murali Balachandran
Kate Hancock
Maki Tazawa
Brian Roselauf
Blair Crichton
Claire Yip
Juliette Verhaegen
Nick Zajciw
Alex Summers
Avi Aggarwal
Ginger Lee
Michiel Bakker
Susan Halteman
Sarah David
Richard Parr
Nir Goldstein
MJ Kinney
James Dale
Jen Lamy
Claire Bomkamp
Lauren Stone
Emily Hennessee
Rebecca Frank
Irina Rodina
Susan Gretz
Blake Byrne
Emma Ignaszewski
Melissa Ahlborn
Mary Allen
Christine Dvorak
Maia Keerie
Nate Crosser
Audrey Gyr
Kyle Gaan
Stephanie von Stein
Amy Huang
Charles Christiansen
Patrick Landy
Chris Hu
Julia Hart
Maille O"Donnell
Maggie Mascarenhas
Olivia Jefferson
Gabriel Borden
Morgan Zaidel
David Masica
Nikki Jedlicka
Cameron Icard
Kathy Freston
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Stewart David
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Mirte Gosker
Rachel Colombana
Michael Ryan
Christina Aguila
Marika Azoff
Susan Bachar
Brian Berry
Drake Bonin
Laura Braden
Tim Bradford
Jeremy Chignell
Laine Clark
Madeline Cohen
Laura Coladonato
Kelli Cromsigt
Chrissy Dinardo
Ryan Dowdy
Ingrid Eck
Carolyn Englar
Rachel Faulkner
Karen Formanski
Kaitlin Grady
Dara Homer
Ann Ittoop
Arjun Iyer
Megan Kellums
Niki Kraska
Kelley McGill
Heather Mount
Sharyn Murray
Khoi Nguyen
Simone Octigan
Priera Panescu
Ashley Pittman
Josh Richards
Katherine Van Story
Jacalyn Webster
Laura Driscoll
David Meyer
P.J. Simmons
Satvika Mahajan
Morgan Booher
Molly Arenson
Manasvi Sridhar
Yuki Takahashi
Chelsea Montes de Oca
Ambika Hiranandani
Shreya Bishnoi
Austin Clowes
Nora Long
Sahana M.D
Gbadebo Odularu
Aishorjyo Ghosh
Sabrina S. Harryram
Wasamon Nutakul
Rituparna Bhowmik
Aviv Oren
Emily VanderMey
Dara Solina Homer
Vinícius Picanço Rodrigues
Irina Rodine
Danran Chen
Leah Greiner
Mike Ryan
Ning Yip
Amanda Yeoh
Mirai M.
Michael Faye
Jacquelline Fuller
Aly Jeddy
Samuel Mwamburi Mwale
Paul Niehaus
Kamau Wairuri
Rohit Wanchoo
Jeremy Shapiro
Raphael Gitau
Chris Hughes
Joy Sun
Erick Ndong"a
Carolina Toth
Lydia Tala
Michael Otieno
Paul Brest
Joshua Rugema
Hemant Taneja
William Meehan
Melissa Harpool
Joe Huston
Stuart Skeates
Caroline Aela
Andrew Agumba
Lawrence Juma
Rebecca Lange
Mitch Riley
Joseph Mucheru
Lucy Abulo
Anne Aroka
Joseph Angobu
Ian Bassin
Max Chapnick
Han Sheng Chia
Michael Cooke
Oda Dushime
Richard Ekeu
Patrick Esabu
Eric Friedman
Raissa Kalinganire
Faustah Kago
Yash Kothari
Fiona Liao
William Le
Paddy McCann
Edwin Monda
Rudy Mudakikwa
Jean Claude Muhire
Yvette Izabayo Mukagaju
Japhar Muvunyi
Timothee Mwizihire
Jerome Ngoga
Cedric Ntwali
Ivan Ntwali
Denis Nyanja
John Odero
Leakey Odongo
Collins Ogugu
Emmanuel Okello
John Okinda
Stephen Olinga
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Brenda Onyango
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Theodora Angeline Ariim
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Mark Laichena
Noah Ssempijja
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Winnie Vivian
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Sibongani Kayola
Fabrice Adamo
Katie Donley
Omalha Kanjo
Leo Kasote
Linda Lamya
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Moses Njinga
Zondwayo Nyirenda
Jamila Abass
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Gibson Nyirenda
Mark Knapp
William Howe
Annie Kartheiser
Bennis Dahn Madave
Violet Magoba
Sada Malumfashi
Julie Xia
Catherine Wu
Dash Wieland
Jason Watters
John Wanjau
Lydiah Wangechi
Ilan Wallentin
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Ephrem Uwizeyimana
Graham Tyler
Maggie Shun
Gilda Simbine
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Kazmyn Ramos
Andrés Parrado
Kwamina Orleans-Pobee
David Onyango
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Moise Niyitegeka
Venuste Niyitanga
Yvonne Namala-Murindiwa
Alex Nawar
Sopani Robert Neba
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Dhruv Singh
Olu Babalola
Chisomo Banda
Yazmin Baptiste
Leonard Baraka
Colette Bishogo
Mouna Boujmal
Mitchell Browne
Marie Cadelina
Jacob Carmichael
Anna Cerf
Anil Chakka
Driss Chaouki
Sara Chedad
Augusto de Almeida
Roshni Desai
Hamza Ezzaim
Michael Fisher
Becca Frank
Elisa Gabellieri
Shaunak Ganguly
Pranathi Ganni
Esnatt Gondwe-Matekesa
Simon Grinsted
Jon Hall
Tyler G Hall
Stephanie Hill
Sarina Jain
Jendayi Jones
Said Juma
Timothy Deo Kabagambe
Bienvenu Kamana
Swaliho F. Kamara
Alia Karim
Laura Keen
Sarah Kenkuyu
Ariana Keyman
Lilian Kimuya
Pamela Kirabo
Doug Kirke-Smith
Leila Lahlou
Miriam Laker
Kristen Lee
Cedric Lisasi
Stella Luk
Vera Lummis
Lucio Melito
Lalena Meyerson
Leonard Moragia
Sarah Moran
Chikondi Mphonde
Grace Mwihia
Dominic K. Mutai
Cynthia Nahayo
Caroline Otieno
Tamara Jean Gunde
Kelvin Kortu Kollie
Joan Chemutai
Zinah Moraa
Kwame Violet Taylor
Peter Mndalasini
Peter Muvunyi
Ireen Kanjala
Amb. Abenigo Balesh Pokor
Robert Ojunju
Imanishimwe Dukuze Joyeuse
Matthew Siakor
Jean Claude Nshimiyimana
Larry Ojigo
Gisele Ikuzwe
Holly Carter
Francis Kitsao
Silvester Kunkeyani
Marlene Uwamahoro
Chris Eric Gonkar
Doreen Mibei
Nathalie Bintu
David N.
Cowan Koduk
Daniel Quinn
Clackson Radimba
Peter Ochola
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Gilbert Kipkoech
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Esther Otieno
Ruth Sege
Betty Inau
Kubwimana Emmanuel
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Lily Chepkemoi Ikapel
Jallah D. Massah
Alinafe Maunda
Maurice Gatsinzi
June Owuor
Silas Onyango
Musabyimana Jean Paul
Derrick Bunje
Felix Okello
Michael Lukyamuzi
Sandrine Sangwa
Stephen K. Foday
Besai Harawa
Ronald Korir
Douglas Kirke-Smith
Teddy Gichimu Kinyoro
Zuena Umumararungu
Ntwali Ivan
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Juliet Wambua
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Joselyne Umurerwa
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Emmanuel Musanganya
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Stephanie Otiato
Chepkelyo Karen
Murisa Maurice
Yves Hakiza
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Nicholas Odhiambo
Samson Omingo
Gisele Uwizeyemariya
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Alex Flidr
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Bob Elliott
Brennan Robbins
Brigid Slipka
Caitlin McGugan
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Cason Reily
Catherine Hollander
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Chelsea Tabart
Chloe Cockburn
Chris Somerville
Christian Smith
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Claire Wang
Daisy Hao
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Dan Heath
Daniel Martin-Alarcon
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Eliza Scheffler
Emma Trefethen
Erin Crossett
Erin Wolff
Fred Post
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Gaby Quintana
Grace Hultquist
Greg Jensen
Hannah Bell
Heather Youngs
Isabel Arjmand
Jaime Yassif
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Jake Marcus
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Jenna Shelby-Glick
Jens Malmquist
Jeremy Rehwaldt
John Birchall
Jon Behar
Jonah Sinick
Josh Rosenberg
Julie Chen
Julie Faller
Justin (Loiseau) Labeille
Kameron Smith
Karalyn Lacey
Katie McCulloch
Kelly Kopish
Laura Muñoz
Laura Ong
Laura Portko
Leon Zhang
Lindy Miller Crane
Lucy Bernholz
Lynette Bye
Madison Stieg
Maggie Lloydhauser
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Nick Wilson
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Olivia Rose Larsen
Parker Blackiston
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Rebecca Trupin
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Robin Dey
Rocio Alba Navarro
Roman Guglielmo
Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan
Sade McDougal
Sara Altman
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Shayna Strom
Sophie Monahan
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Stephanie Stojanovic
Stephanie Wykstra
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Teryn Mattox
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Timothy Ogden
Tom Rutledge
Tom Sittler
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Tyler Heishman
Virginia Zink
Wendy Knight
Whitney Shinkle
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Zachary Tausanovitch
Zoe Mahony
Thomas Sittler
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Dominika Krupocin
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Alex Savard
Julian Hazell
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Pablo Melchor
Tomás Magalhães
Jade Amos
Michael Plant
Clare Donaldson
Justus Baumann​
Nikita Patel​
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Derek Foster
Florian Kuhlmeier
​Jasper Synowski
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Ulf Johansson
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Ethan Bialick
Vanessa See
Eemaan Thind
Joel McGuire
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Caitlin Walker
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Stephan Tegtmeier
Teis Rasmussen
Paul Davies
Andrew Fisher
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Robin van Dalen
Marcus Daniell
Hugo Inglis
Charlie Bresler
Josh Daniell
Caroline Daniell
Judith Rensing
Jack Lewars
Lucy Berkowitz
Liz Brantley
Daiva Latifi
Cindi O'Sullivan
John Stabile
Iman Byrnes
Shari Cooke
Amanda Sequin
Monika Fontanez
Stacey Daves-Ohlin
Megan Cottone
Coty Sibbach
Annie Duflo
Wendy Lewis
Bruce Hickling
Suleiman Asman
Kris Cox
Bhavani Prathap Kasina
Faith McCollister
Pace Phillips
Chrissy Schwen
Christian Soler
Ben Tan
Loïc Watine
Richard Attibu
Valentina Brailovskaya
Jessica DeMulder
Michele Dookie
Annemarie Smith
Pam Kingpetcharat
Kai Addae
Lindsey Shaughnessy
Tyrone Washington
Alexander Gambini
Hasina Badani
Biljana Bogicevic
Christopher Boyer
Carrie Colman
Max Mauerman
Doug Parkerson
Rosemarie Sandino
Vincent Armentano, Jr
Meir Brooks
Kelsey Larson
Tomer Mangoubi
Isabel Onate Falomir
Noor Sethi
Alyssa Staats
Sneha Stephen
Natalia Torres
Caton Brewster
Carlos Acero
Kobby Amponsah
Lameck Banda
Chibesa Chipongoma
Calvin Chiu
Larry Kafuti
Penelope Mwila Kandutu
Dylan Knaggs
Emma Lambert-Porter
Catherine Likando
Milambo Mavuba
Gift Mbewe
Edwin Milambo
Grace Msichili
Nampaka Nkumbula
Ben Simuyandi
Dorothy Sohati
Mohammad Ashraful Haque
Suraiya Akther
Mehrab Ali
Nutan Farah Haq
Nusrat Jabin
Mahmudur Rahman
Marwan Rashid
Mir Rafiat Salman
Jesmin Sultana
Mohammad Abu thaher Siddik
Nafisa Busra
Quazi Farhan
Nusrat Jahan
Md Alamgir Kabir
Humayun Kabir
Asraul Khan
Shafiqur Rahman
Kawsar Rahman
Patrick Baxter
Maurice Banda
Mphatso Nkhweza
Minsu O
Mercy Baloyi
Amos Chikoti
Violet Chitsulo
Ndema Longwe
Maliat Masiye
Geoffrey Mdumuka
Calvin Mhango
Viola Nyirongo
Claudia Casarotto
Juliet Ajilong
Florence Anena
Elly Atuhumuza
Solomon Gyagenda
Alex Tusiime Kamuhanda
Anthony Kamwesigye
Vianney Mbonigaba
Peace Mahoro Musisi
Brian Mwesigwa
Molly Nakanjako
Claire Nalubega
Jackline Namubiru
Angela Nansasi
Maria Nantume
Solomon Ocen
Chiara Pasquini
Agne Pupienyte
Ivan Sengendo
Barbra Wanyana
Ahimbisibwe Kato Mathew
Laza Razafimbelo
Laura Schmucker
Sam Twesigye
Stephanie Annijas
Leslie Alex
Linda Gassama
Alfred Hindui Rasheed
Chiara Amato
Abdulai Bah
Alex Conteh
Fatu Conteh
Mary Genda
Fatoma Momoh
Kelvin Renner
Mohamed Samura
Ellen Bates-Jefferys
Newton Toe
Avi Ahuja
Melvin Boeyah
Yamah Browne
Dackermue Dolo
Joseph Kamara
Blay Kamawo
Laura McCargo
Alex Nyemah
Henriette Hanicotte
Romuald Anago
Kane Borders
Julia Buzan
Romaric Ekpinda
Angui Kacou
Nuguhe Gbagbo Mireille
Arthur Sagot-Duvauroux
Aboubacar Soumahoro
Abdoul-Aziz Adama
Sekou Diakite
Moussa Sankara
Juan Manuel Hernandez-Agramonte
Hugo Salas Rodríguez
Eduardo Vargas
Maria Luisa Zeta Valladolid
David Abel Barraza Salguero
Sergio De Marco
Jose Luis Flor Toro
Rafael Visa
Kyle Holloway
Ana Serrano
Sofia Jaramillo
Estefanía Avendaño Niño
Marta Carnelli
Cristian David Cerero
Cosma Gabaglio
Daniel Gordo
Yohana Guerrero
Juan Sebastián Leiva Molano
Dayana Lorena Tellez Galeano
Jesús M. Villero
Ruth Patricia Guzmán Bautista
Cristhian Pulido
Maria Aranzazu Rodriguez Uribe
Yulieth Salamanca
Guillermo Tovar Mantilla
Madeleen Husselman
Wisdom Nai Ako
Isaac Arthur
Henry Atimone
Benjamin Ayim
Renaud Comba
Irene Darko
Abubakari Yussif Dawuda
Federica Di Battista
Isaac Djabatey
Helen Habib
Joyce Jumpah
Ernest Ziem Manson
Kamal-Deen Mohammed
Joseph Ngmenbon
Cornelius Owusu Adjei
Mohammed Zakaria
Jerry Abagana
Fuseini Anass Abu
Khadijah Abubakari
Stephanie Adjovu
Benjamin Afful
Salifu Amadu
Abigail Amarh-Amartey
Rebecca Antwi
Kwabena Asamoah
Ishmail Azindoo Baako
Clement Biadam
Abubakari Bukari
Kym Cole
Obed Djan
Yussif Mohammed Hardi
Daniel Janamah
Bridget Konadu Gyamfi
Lukman Mohammed
Issah Mohammed
Beatrice Nanka-Bruce
Heather Nelson Adumatta
Enoch Pabby
Christine Papai
Santiago Jose Sanchez Guiu
Charles Sefenu
Gabriel Teye
Edward Tsinigo
Arnold Womakor
Mubarik Yakubu
Alexandra Prempeh
Marius Chabi
Emily Cook-Lundgren
Guillaume Gatera
Jean Leodomir Habarimana Mfura
Emmanuel Hakizimfura
Nzayisenga Joseph
Emmanuel Kwizera
Celine Mukantwari
Emmanuel Musafiri
Innocent Mutunzi
Christophe Ndahimana
Jean Baptiste Nkinamubanzi
Jean De Dieu Ntivuguruzwa
Phillip Okull
Julia Lendorfer
Ricardo Morel
Alexander Fertig
Areum Han
Andrew Kaung
Htay Htay Myint
Zin Nwe Win
Thein Zaw Oo
Rong Shi
Nicholus Tint Zaw
Michelle Korte
Estelle Plat
Dimanche Allo
Alpha Coulibaly
Kadidia Maiga
Florent Noumehan Malo
Touba Bakary Pare
Adama Sankoudouma
Farida Nafissatou Tarama
Sè Boro
Letitia Diarra
Antoine Guilhin
Soumaila Tonltiou Kone
Alassane Koulibaly
Idrissa Ouedraogo
Oumar Sory
Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri
Allan Albert Lalisan
Hazael Lorraine Cara
Agnese Carrera
Maria Jessa Grace Cruz
Cherilyn Gernale
Riza Teresita Halili
Forest Jarvis
Marius Karabaczek
Rhea Macapanas
Mary Ederline Mamburam
Christina Masalonga
Ann Mayuga
Ryan McLaughlin
Heather Richmond
Celeen Sanchez
Sheen Alexandre Tato
Sylvia Tuason
Jose Marie Gonzalez
Peter Srouji
Rachel Steinacher
Cristina Clerici
Rachel Jones
Nyamtara Jumanne
Prisca Mbeswa
Charles Mgoya
Justus Mugango
Martin Zuakulu
Ansila Albert Kweka
Peter Carroll
Cecilia Escalante
Jasmine MIller
Robert Nebathy Mwandumbya
Sebastian Chaskel
Nessa Kenny
George Ganda
Kelvin Gichia
Daniel Mokrauer-Madden
Frank Odhiambo
Jemima Okal
David Abiero
Irene Achieng
Lilian Achieng
Jack Adika
Jane Adungo
Beatrice Agutu
Sharon Akinyi
Getrude Akumu
Lillian Alexander
Claus Aluda
Charles Amuku
Peninah Apondi
Michael Asiago
Mary Ateto
Lenah atieno
Sharon Atieno
Edna Awuoth
Nick Ayugi
Araka Sylvie Biyaki
John Buleti
Godwill Bwire
Fredrick Chege
Charlette Emomeri
Samuel Fishman
Martin Gitahi
Joyce Gladys
Gerald Ipapa
Esther Atieno Isokat
Manasseh Itumo
Jessica Jomo
Japheth Juma
Bonface Kariema
Sarah Wairimu Kariuki
Naomi Kimani
Samson Kinyumbu
Alice Kirungu
Eunice Koech
Nikita Kohli
John Kudoyi
Peter LeFrancois
Mary Lubanga
Edwin Lwanya
Mildred Madiang
Linnet Magero
Florence Makokha
Kennedy Maritim
Jedida matolo
Munyoki Mbithi
Michael Meda
Charles Misiati
Ruth Momanyi
Eugene Mubweka
Noel Mugo
Carol Mukiira
Susan Mukiri
Johnstones Mukutu
John Mungai
Caroline Mungala
Jemimah Muraya
Anastacia Musau
Chrispinus Musungu
Patricia Muthoni
Atanus Mutisya
Janet Nakuti
Jemimah Nawade
Bonnyface Ndung'u
Fred Nyamasyo
Elizabeth Nyasaka
Daniel Nzomo
Reginer Obat
John Obiero
JohnPaul Obongita
Angela Obonyo
Brian Ochieng
Linus Ochieng
Eric Ochieng
Moses Odando
Maureen Odongo
Jaqueline Oduor
William Oduor
Grace Ogembo
Leah Ogendi
Phoebe Ogolla
Vitalis Ogutu
Duncan Okiro
Samwel Ombok
Susan Violet Omeyo
Diana Omolo
Nick Omondi
Dennis Omondi
Jack Omondi
Nelly Ongeri
Geoffrey Onyambu
Willis Onyango
James Opot
Augustine Oramisi
Roy Paul Orwa
Jackline osindi
Joseph Otieno
Jared Otuke
Nicksaviour Ouma
John Ouma
Samuel Owino
John Victor Ragumo
Stephen Rapando
William Ratcliffe
Hassan Shaaban
Ernest Shivanda
Emma Smith
Allison Stone
Jenna Swarthout
Elyse Thulin
Andrew Barasa Wabwire
Winfred Waihura
Debborah Wambua
Christine Wambui
Dimphine Wamocho
Gladys Wanajala
Moses Wanyonyi
Benjamin Watako
Ben Wekesa
Miriam Wekesa
Nathanael Goldberg
Kelsey Wright
Miguel Angel Jimenez Gallardo
Rebecca Rouse
Danielle Moore
Michael Rosenbaum
Kayla Wilding
Varun Kshirsagar
Julie Peachey
Sharada Ramanathan
Rachel Wells
Heidi McAnnally-Linz
Bethany Park
Michelle Read
John Branch
Laura Burke
Jeffrey Mosenkis
Cara Vu
Julie Peters
Leah Flynn
Barry Ravitch
Lucia Sanchez
Elizabeth Koshy
Johann Roldan
Amy Shaw
Nicole Struth
Staci Brady
Dylan Groves
Justo Mirabal
Carlos Restituyo Vassallo
Bianca Verrilli
Anna Heard
Carin Mirowitz
Ankur Vora
Kentaro Toyama
James J. Prescott
Daniel Michalow
Laura Hattendorf
Heather W. Grizzle
Benjamin S. Appen
Wendy Abt
Stephen Toben
Trey Beck
Pia Raffler
Andrew Dillon
Katherine Casey
Rocco Macchiavello
Dylan Ramshaw
Meseret Ansebo
Eric Fullilove
Steven Glazerman
Radha Rajkotia
Tien Ngo
Ernest Ostro
Heidi Wilde
Jeni Sorensen
Rachel Strohm
Andrew Chikopa
Emeka Eluemunor
Walker Higgins
Victoria Isika
Afke Jager
David Wells
Rakesh Rajani
Alexia Latortue
Aroon Balani
Susan Athey
Rafael Mazer
Nicol Lesmes Guerrero
Tom Inglesby
Anita Cicero
Amesh Adalja
Richard Bruns
Nancy Connell
Tara Kirk Sell
Michael Montague
Jennifer Nuzzo
Caitlin Rivers
Monica Schoch-Spana
Eric Toner
Crystal Watson
Divya Hosangadi
Amanda Kobokovich
Elena Martin
Diane Meyer
Lucia Mullen
Emily Pond
Christina Potter
Sanjana Ravi
Matthew Shearer
Marc Trotochaud
Rachel Vahey
Lane Warmbrod
Matthew Watson
Rachel West
Colonel Randall Larsen
Lee Daugherty Biddison
Paula Olsiewski
Lauren Sauer
Tener Goodwin Veenema
Richard Waldhorn
D. A. Henderson
Tara O'Toole
Tommy O'Keefe
Meredith Piplani
Shyneese Richardson
Maria Jasen
Tanna Liggins
Hannah Ottman-Feeney
Julia Cizek
Kathleen Fox
Andrea Lapp
Margaret Miller
Price Tyson
Prarthana Vasudevan
Gigi Kwik Gronvall
Dan Hanfling
Richard E. Waldhorn
Tasha King
Jackie Fox
Elaine Hughes
Alison Pack
Nick Alexopulos
Christopher Hurtado
Tia Boyd
Michael Snyder
Elizabeth Lee Daugherty Biddison
Carolina Andrada
Anita Smith
Clint Haines
Natasha Kaushal
Alyson Browett
Tommy O"Keefe
Debora Sandiford
Sterling Sawaya
Andrew Liu
Giovanna Pontes
Christoph Winter
Eric Martínez
Bradly Condon
Jonas Schuett
Renan Araújo
Suzanne Van Arsdale
Kevin Tobia
Cullen O'Keefe
Tyler John
Leonie Kößler
Vivian Dong
EJ Lee
Devin Mauney
Julian Aveling
Lisa Forsberg
Alasdair Phillips-Robins
Leor Zmigrod
Lingxi Chenyang
D Black
Pauline Bomball
John Bliss
José Jaime Villalobos
Judge William Garfinkel
Laurens Prins
Alexander Puutio
Geoff Anders
Evan Pence
Emily Crotteau
Keith Comito
Apneet Jolly
Oliver Medvedik
Richard Kaufman
Desireé Duffy
Eric Schulke
Bobby Andishmand
Èrico Lopez
Andrew Aiello
Paul A. Spiegel
Steve Hill
Elena Milova
Javier Noris
David Sinclair
Judith Campisi
Peter Elliott
Nina Tandon
Valter Longo
Robert Shmookler Reis
Vera Gorbunova
Michael Rose
Irina Conboy
Michael Kope
Brian M. Delaney
Nicola Bagalà
Josh Conway
Mattijs Vonk
Ariah Mackie
Patrick Deane
Kali Carrigan
Tam Hunt
Victor Bjoerk
Alejandro De La Parra Solomon
Natasha Vita-More
Christie Sacco
Tim Maupin
Fatima Hill
Arkadi Mazin
Sedeer el-Showk
Greg Gillispie
Veera Wikström
Chris Linnell
Brent Nally
Ryan O"Shea
Rose Opbroek
Vitalii Winter
Denise Barker
Nicholas Singh
Nina Khera
Thomas Warner Lenior
Stephanie D.
Simran Dhaliwal
Petr Maslov
Ollie Base
Kevin M. Esvelt
Carl Robichaud
Liv Boeree
Charlotte Stix
Baeo Maltinsky
Bryce Hidysmith
Colleen McKenzie
Patrick Mellor
Milo Runkle
Jake Morton
Matt Rice
Nikki Bollaert
Ari Solomon
Nick Cooney
Johnathan Skinner
Krista Osborne
Brooke Mays
Disney Bolin
Cindy Harris
Susan Weingartner
Kristen Diederich
Kate Ziegler
Kyle Fujisawa
Sarah Von Alt
Tammy Borchert
Mikael Nielsen
Alan Darer
Jamie Berger
Blanka Alfaro Pola
Cameron McBride
Katie Vann
Cailen LaBarge
Lina Cohen
John Karas
Kelcey Meadows-Lucas
Mark Devries
Joe Loria
Nicole Furlan
Brian Pietrzycki
Courtney Dobbin
Robin Moler
Audrey Sanchez
David Powell
Cody Carlson
Alice Müller Coleman
Liz Quick
Sara Laycock
Brian Alexander
Emily Hatch
Shayna Rowbotham
Gus Mueller
Hammer Vasquez
Jess Westberg
Krista Hiddema
Lucas Alvarenga
Subru Santakumar
Fiona Wong
Christina Wilson
Mariana Issa Cabrera
Matthew Scheer
Erin Kwiatkowski
Lydia Harris
Paula Tejeda-Moncrief
Eduarda Nedeff
Eva Rocha
Fabiola Bautista
Margarita Ortiz
Bruna Nascimento
Geetika Sripathi
Lindsay Wolf
Lena Ludwig
Kenny Torrella
Derek Coons
Lisa Feria
Alexis Fox
Leah Garcés
LeAnn Harris
Air Copeland
Lindsay Oliver
Melanie Heymans
Jesse Marks
Sandra Lopes
Tracy Keys
John Seber
Daina Bray
Travis Sitzlar
Linda Obregón
Susan Lane
Chris Liptrot
Nikunj Sharma
Tyson-Lord Gray
Siddharth Hariharan
Liza Heavener
Ashley Bugeja Vuu
Luiza Schneider
Caitlin Oates
Chloë Cudaback
Harshdeep Singh
Emma Cameron
Tyrell Dozier
Jennifer Behr
Sonia Shad
Paola Sofía Martínez Suárez
Diane May
Marissa Valladolid
Samantha Y.
Scarlett Callahan
Alexandra Bookis
Carolina Destro de Oliveira
Bruna T.
Zoë Sigle
Mikael Roldsgaard Nielsen
Patti Nyman
David Matulewicz-Crowley
Lindsey Bombard
Elizabeth Luxenberg
Sarah Coffman
Hillary Hendrickson
Jenn Murphy
Beatriz Veloso
Geeta D.
Rachel Krantz
Stephanie Lundstrom
Thais Vizzaccaro
Miranda Hoffman
Rachel Mazzagatti
Akbar Ali
Lucas Lourenço
Catalina Lopez
Diana P. Molina N.
Monica Bilung
Ajay Welinkar
Miranda Eisen
Yip Fai Tse
Marie Camino
Talita Trygsland
Diogo Fernandes
Paulina Quintana Brandt
Renata Scarellis
Jorge Moisés Assis
Ygor Nascimento
Courtney L. Dillard
Mariana Victoria Braga Resende
Fitzia B
Mariana Garcia Anunciato
Leila Martins
Lupemaria Beal
Michael Y. Gagné
Chelsie Schadt
Stephanie Nemeth-Brawley
Aline Bernardes de Oliveira
Fabiola Balmori
Paula Margarido
Kayla Venckauskas
Cecilia Valenza
Neysa Colizzi
Mamta Jain Valderrama
​​Jodi Medoff
​​Sage Evans
Fernando Gallart
Kellie Rattigan
Sasha Gale
Shawn Bannon
Trenton Morton
Cristina Mendonça
Julia Seibel
Priscila Demarch
Elizabeth Millner
AJ Albrecht
Jaqueline Belloni
Rodrigo Cerqueira Reis
Gandhi Ramos
Raissa Pose
Leandro Ricardo Czyr
Larah Camargo
Felipe Augusto
Alice Martins
Natalie Warhit
Ana Laura Martinez Lopez
Maria Rafaela Bernardes
Drae Solberg
Tyler Whitley
Nicole Damon
Kevin O"Connor
Sarah Darcie
Claudia Custodio
Stella Dalcin
Lilia M.
Navi Toze
Beth Krynick
Jennifer Gargiulo
Steven Rouk
Samantha Young
Colombe Nadeau-O"Shea
Emmi Lewis
Katherine Jernigan
Andie Thompkins
Kimberly Johnson
Frances Chrzan
Gaia Dempsey
Kris Kitchen
Jacob Lagerros
Alyssa Stevens
Juan Cambeiro
Daniel Sluder
David Levine
Greg Laughlin
Matthew Barnett
Matej Vrzala
Steven Schkolne
David Gobel
Andrzej Bartke
Craig A. Cooney
Roger Holzberg
Keith Murphy
David Jacobs
Robert Cohen
Huber Warner
Don Ingram
Tom Johnson
Christiaan Leeuwenburgh
John Speakman
Steven Spindler
Dane Gobel
Florina Linco
Kevin Perrot
Ross Robertson
Bjorn Cooley
Ting Kelly
Emilie McWilliams
Anthony Atala
Stephen BadyLak
Christopher Breuer
Karen Christman
Sangeeta Bhatia
Scott Collins
Raymond Chung
Paolo De Coppi
Gabor Forgacs
Wolfram Goessling
Jonathan Epstein
Valerie Gouon Evans
Armand Keating
Eric Lagasse
Paolo Macchiarini
Chris Mason
Robert Langer
Jeffrey Molkentin
William Hinman
Alan Russell
Bernard Siegel
Cathy Prescott
William Wagner
Robert Nerem
Harald Ott
Korkut Uygun
Joseph P. Vacanti
Laura Niklason
Andre Terzic
Luis Alvarez
Mauris De Silva
Simon Fleming
Sergio Ruiz
Danielle Ruiz
Svetha Janumpalli
Annie Flanagan
Edgar DeLoa
Meaghan Doran
Phyllis Weinstock
Paul Wright
Bhavin Parikh
Scott Sherman
Vishnu Sridharan
Margi Dunlap
Jesse Taggert
Marta Bornstein
Nick Grandy
Richard Akresh
Anne Firth Murray
George Ayaraekpe
Edidiong Essien
Toyin Adelana
Uduakobong Inuaesiet
Mercy Nzube
Eno John
Maureen Matthew
Otobong Jumbo
Edo E.
Karolina Alexiou
Benjamin Clifford
Ben Olsen
Zak Maples
Matt Zeunert
Andrew Kenyon
Chloe Hannah
Pratyush Agarwal
Uduakobong Essien
Hannah Igboanusi
Luca Etter
Corina Fuhrer
Philine Widmer
Josh Jones
Nura Muhammad
Kennedy Theman
Idoko Paul
Ahmad Liadi
Auwal Abubakar
Mustapha Kabir
Bawa Mubarak
Rabiu Yusuf
Abubakar Sani
Abdulrashid Dabo
Bello Muhammad
Bello Salisu
Danladi Habibu
Dayyabu Aliyu Sani
Fauzu Abdulkarim
Farida Nasir Umar
Fauxiyya Ibrahim
Fauziyya Ibrahim A.
Galadima Adamu
Hadiza Kallamu
Hafiz Habeeb
Isah Ayuba
Isyaku Muhammad
Shafiu Ibrahim
Kabir Abubakar
Kabiru Abdulkareem
Kamalu Nuhu
Kingsley Emeka
Latifat Akintola
Lauwali Yusuf
Lucky Peter
Maureen Okika
Muhammad Abdulrahman
Salisu Muhammad
Muhammad Yahaya
Muntari Adamu
Murtala Adamu
Mussayib Yusuf
Mustapha Lawal
Musa Aisha
Muhammad Amina
Nasiru Ibrahim
Nasir Sani
Rasheedat Adam
Rilwanu Muhammad
Susan James
Surajo Sani
Suleiman Sabo
Shuaib Musa
Sani Bello
Samira Saleh
Sambo Yahaya
Sakina Usman
Zayyanu Bello
Ben Finn
Zubairu Iliyasu
Alhaji Aminu Danmalam
Ahmad Abdulwahab
Filipina G. Roble
Rahul Kulkarni
Anna Kristina Aguila
Effie Elaine Macalinao
Swapnali Sawant
Ervien Dewi
Andrea Fernandez
Kossi S. Noumonvi
Junshon Pelandas
Jhonell Ilagan
Abdulrazak Bature
Aliyu Idris
Atiku Ibrahim
Abdulrahman Ibrahim
Abdulrahman Umar
Abdullahi Bala
Adamu Shuaibu
Bala Garba
Bashar Muazu
Bala Yunana Ndahi
Farida Aminu
Garba Aliyu
Gambo Ado
Hamza Maaruf
Hussaina Dada
Habibu Abubakar
Ibrahim Rabiu
Kingsley Ohashiegbulam
Khalifa Balarabe
Lantana Yusuf
Mukhtar Danmallam
Mubarak Gambo
Sani Muhammad Sani
Murtala Sani
Mahi Salihu
Abbas Salamatu Maijega
Saleh Ibrahim Haruna
Saratu Maikudi
Saleh Garba
Tijjani Usman
Wasilu Hussaini
Yasira Bala
Zakariyau Yusuf
Zayyanu Muazu
Dayyabu Lawal
Kabiru Abubakar
Nura Sanusi
Yunusa Sani
Obinna Ebirim
Dhanasiddharth Selvam
Jobel De Rosas
Rowland Ogbonda
Benjamin Isaac
Ignatius Essien
Muazu Mohammed
Ime Uboh
Muhammad Mahmoud
Zaharadden Sabiu
Muslim Dalha
Abubakar Sadiq
Adam Zainab
Zaharaddin Abdulazeez
Yakubu Bashir
Surajo Bala
Sulaiman Sabo
Sulaiman Rabiu
Solomon Hallan
Rufai Hussaini
Nura Hussaini
Nazifi Armaya u
Naim Bala Abubakar
Musayyib Yusif
Musa Abdulmumin Hassan
Muhammad Abdurrahman
Hassan Salisu
Farouq Abubakar
Billison Ibrahim
Benjamin Doma Bello
Alfred Patience
Abubakar Zayyana Abdullahi
Aliyu Anka Halilu
Abba Isah
Inalegwu Prince Eigege
Aondoseer Shadrach Tyokegh
Rebecca Adeleye
Ibrahim Aliyu
Maliki Bala
Raliya Hassan Ishaq
Lawal Abubakar
Aminu Saidu
Muhammad Ahmad
Ibrahim Shamsuddeen Makudawa
Ismail Bala
Muhyiddeen Yahaya
Adam Muhammmad
Jamilu Muhammad
Musa Muhammad
Adamu Idris Muazu
Aisha Muhammad
Sani Muktar Sani
Amir Gambo
Abdullahi Balarabe Dabai
Aminu Yahaya
Halimatu Tijjani
Abdulazeez Abdullahi
Saadatu Ibrahim
Maryam Sani
Auwal Ahmad
Lawal Ango
Kabir Adamu
Rabiya Yusuf Dankorau
Abdulmalik Mohammed
Abubakar Bature
Abdulmalik Sabitu
Rabilu Ahmad
Nasir Iliyasu
Lukman Umar
Hauwau Muhammad
Rabiu Musa
Nura Muhammed Musa
Isiyaku Muhammad
Sani Lawali
Hauwau Musa Isah
Rashmi Kulkarni
Swapnali Vivek
Kabiru AIiyu
Aminu Sani Bala
Gladys Sheila Wangari Muriithi
Joel L. Remoroza
Kevin Esvelt
Will Bradshaw
Anjali Gopal
Michael McLaren
Lennart Justen
Geetha Jeyapragasan
Joshua McCann
Kate Epstein
Steve Hind
Evan McVail
Kennan McClung
Lauranne Duffaut
Jennifer Wong
Nadav Steinmetz
Rossa O’Keffe-O’Donovan
Robert Struck
Ian Yamey
Charlie Scott
Ella Matza
Jen Wong
Josh McCann
Emma W
Victoria Rau
Emily Holway
Stefano G.
Lorelei Robinson
Charles Kay
Courtney Fu
Emma Ayache
Hanna Pálya
Bhumika Rathore
Brooke Berman
Pim Kangsanan
Samantha Heald
Kristy Wong
Bradley Graham
Fernando S.
Tamara Hamade
Mikhail Oza
Alexei Smirnov
Sam Hocking
Tom Eastell
Evelyn Baek
Brian L.
Liz Stiverson
Adeline Sinclair
Ajay Karpur
Allison Gordon
Amanda Hungerford
Anya Grenier
Anya Hunt
Bastian Stern
Beth Jones
Chris Bakerlee
Chris Smith
Chris Webster
Daniel De La Torre
Daniel Martin Alarcon
Derek Hopf
Dev Basumallik
Dustin Moskovitz
Dylan Corliss
Eli Rose
Ellie Dunnigan
Emily Oehlsen
Hannah Aldern
Jake Schwarber
Javier Prieto
Jesse Rothman
Joan Margalef
Joey Schnide
Joseph Carlsmith
Kaitlyn Krieger
Karl Smith
Kate Pruitt
Kathleen Finlinson
Kira Maker
Lauren Gilbert
Leena Jones
Luca Righetti
Matthew Poe
Meiko Flynn-Do
Michael Levine
Michelle Crentsil
Mike Krieger
Molly Kovite
Morgan Davis
Nathan Calvin
Otis Reid
Paige Henchen
Peter Favaloro
Povneet Dhillon
Rachael Woodard
Rachel Wang
Rebecca Baron
Rinad Al-Anakrih
Saarthak Gupta
Sai Jahann
Sam Anschell
Santosh Harish
Tom Davidson
Zachary Robinson
Mati Roy
Haydn Thomas
Omer Nevo
Sella Nevo
Renae Garcia
Philipp Gruissem
Stefan Huber
Micha Eichmann
Jeffrey Jordan
Martin Jacobson
Erik Seidel
Justin Bonomo
Christopher Georgen
George Danzer
John Juanda
Andrew Barber
Luciana Manolea
Jeff Gross
Phil Gruissem
Jessica Marcus
Ed Prokop
Tee Barnett
Alexander Gordon-Brown
Travis Cooper
Colm Ó Rian
Jacob Grossbard
Richenda Herzig
David Vatousios
Haseeb Qureshi
Harysh Ilanghovan
Caleb Ontiveros
Megan Jamer
Aishwarya (Aisha) G.
Ilva Ravinska
Marcus Davis
Kim Cuddington
Jason Schukraft
David Rhys Bernard
Saulius Šimčikas
Neil Dullaghan
Daniela R. Waldhorn
Linchuan Zhang
Abraham Rowe
Vicky Bond
Cameron Meyer-Shorb
David Reinstein
Jacob Peacock
Bob Fischer
Michael St. Jules
Samara Mendez
William McAuliffe
Greer Gosnell
Jenny Kudymowa
Bruce Tsai
Ruby Dickson
Ben Snodin
Linch Zhang
Amanda El-Dakhakhni
Jamie Elsey
Willem Sleegers
Romina Giel
Rachel Norman
Carolina Salazar
Rachael Miller (Harrison)
Alexander Lintz
Wendy E Harrison
Fiona Fleming
Lynsey Blair
Najwa Al Abdallah
Yael Velleman
Alan Hunt
Emma I. Lyngedal
Marie-Aimee Sandrine
Paula Pinto Araya
Alexandra Carlin
Annalan Navaratnam
Beatriz Calvo Urbano
Carlos A Torres Vitolas
Mario Gronert
Neerav A Dhanani
Ashley Preston
Caroline Pensotti
Carolyn A Henry
Jenny Burrill
Johara Nadri
Mousumi Rahman
Nadia Ben Meriem
Alan Fenwick
David Rollinson
Deborah Ashby
Justine Frain
Neil Ferguson
Peter Dranfield
Lord Sandy Trees
Angela Bowen
Ann Kelly
Jon Gorrie
Mary Woodgate
Matt Heger
Paula Laird
Sarah Walsh
Scott Wheatley
Tony Lawrence
Adrian Hopkins
Charles King
Dan Irvine
David Heymann
Joanne Webster
Lesong Conteh
Michael Templeton
Pamela Mbabazi
Pauline Mwinzi
Ricardo Thompson
Edridah Muheki
Joshua Oliech
Allen Jackson
Leon Kpakiwa
Duncan Millar
Rina Soepeno-Pettit
Suzy Campbell
Matt Dixon
Katie Fantaguzzi
Pancy Poon
Anna Georgeson
Gabrielle Laing
Paula Plaza
Alice Maurel
Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela
Pheona Croom-Johnson
Karen Maddock
Sarah Marr
Kevin Perrott
Jeff Hall
Barbara J. Logan
Kevin Dewalt
Mike Kope
Bill Liao
Pedro Alvarez
María A. Blasco
Marisol Corral-Debrinski
Leonid Gavrilov
William Haseltine
Daniel Kraft
Stephen Minger
Janko Nikolich-Zugich
Graham Pawelec
Bruce Rittmann
Jerry Shay
Vladimir Skulachev
David Spiegel
Fyodor Urnov
Jan Vijg
Jonathan Cain
James O"Neill
Michael West
Rudolph Tanzi
Alexandra Stolzing
Nadia Rosenthal
S. Mitchell Harman
Anne Corwin
Ben Zealley
Daniel Kimbel
David Halvorsen
Gayathri Swaminathan
Gouri Yogalingam
Heidi Ward
Iain Inkster
Jacques Mathieu
Lisa Fabiny
Maria Entraigues
Max Peto
Megan Smithey
Michael Rae
Reto Hoehener
Rob OCallahan
Silvia Gravina
Tanya Jones
Thaddeus Campbell
Ghezal Beliakoff
Amutha Boominathan
David Chambers
Gregory Chin
Ehud Goldin
Matthew O"Connor
Maximus Peto
Haroldo Silva
Jayanthi Vengalam
Jerri Barrett
Kathleen Powers
Blake Masters
Barbara Logan
Jeanne Loring
Jay Jerome
David Brindley
Frank Schüler
Bhavna Dixit
Lisa Fabiny Kiser
Viviana Ramalho
Caitlin Lewis
Michael Boocher
Julie K. Andersen
Brian Kennedy
Jessica Lubke
Kelly Boemmel
Jyothi Devakumar
Evan Snyder
Maria Entraigues Abramson
Tesfahun Admasu
Amelia Anderson
Amit Sharma
Kristie Kim
Elena Magay
Carly Truong
Walter Harvey Crompton
Jamie Harris
Ali Ladak
Jacy Reese Anthis
Kelly Witwicki
Oscar Horta
Kelly McNamara
J. Mohorčich
Janet Pauketat
Diana Fleischman
Michael Dello-Iacovo
Kelly Anthis
Maya Mathur
Meret Schneider
Camila Rauchwerger
Adrian Rørheim
Johannes Leutenegger
Noëmi Erig
Salome Bechtler
Ivo Mändli
Tanja Rüegg
Valentin Salzgeber
Reto Walther
Silvano Lieger
Johanna Kuhn
Angelina Dobler
Urban Müller
Mirjam Arn
Rahel Alt
Melina Tan
Tamina S. Graber
Sophie Kwass
Luisa Baumgartner
Priska Baur
Charlotte Born
Lea Born
Tamina Graber
Anna Grun
Julia Huguenin
Naomi Rey
Charles Saint-Marc
Katerina Stoykova
Markus Wild
Ralph Hertwig
Konstantinos Katsikopoulos
Nicolas Seidler
Igor Linkov
Catherine Rhodes
Rainer Mensing
Jens Fischer
Isaak Mengesha
Elias Kock
Samia Hurst-Majno
Paul Cairney
Karsten Donnay
Giovanna Di Marzo
Didier Wernli
Anja Kaspersen
Salman Bal
Jacob Arbeid
Felix Haas
Julia Kerley
Aaron Ross
Adam Peditto
Adrian Guinn
Agata Nguyen
Alanna Ramsier
Alex Beck
Alex Wolfe
Alicia Rodriguez
Aliya Amanzholova
Allie Gunter
Amanda Waxman
Amy Odene
Ana Ortega
Anabelle Dunn
Andrea Gunn
Angel Lau
Angel Lugo
Anna Finch
Anne-Marie Renier
Ariav Feingersch
Arnav Aggarwal
Ashley Chang
Ashley Zebro
Asvini Ravindran
Aurelia Adhiambo
Beau Broughton
Becki Markle
Beth Anne Hendrickson
Brenna Taylor
Britta Johnson
Brooke Shephard
Caroline Mills
Cat Liguori
Catherine Liguori
Chloe Fuller
Chris Guinn
Chris Hendrickson
Clare Farrow
Clarké Snell
Claudia E.
Cordelia Britton
Craig Dunham
Cristina Diniz
Cristyn Hypnar
Daniel Lusk
Daniela Escamilla
Danielle Fahs
Darrell Sawczuk
David Coman-Hidy
David Marten
Dena Blumenthal
Derek Shiller
Di Lamont
Diana Cimino
Edie Bowles
Ellie Donohue-Miller
Elyssa Diehl
Emily Glassman
Emma Goddard
Erin Dorman
Erin McCarver
Eryn Johnson
Ethan Dussault
Gabriel Wildgen
Gabriela Faz
Gabrielle Sweetman
Giovana T.
Gustavo Olvera
Hannah Murray
Hannah Truxell
Hannah Yates
Heather Bolint
Jacob Eliosoff
Janet Martinez
Janosch L.
Jeni Haines
Jennifer Ashley
Jennifer Barckley
Jennifer Peck
Jessica Crane
Jessie Lingenfelter
Jessika Griffin
John Oberg
Jon Camp
Jonathan Frappier
José Elias
Julia Tomkins
June O.
Jyllian Shepard
Karen Nilsen
Kassy Ortega
Kate St. John
Katerra Martin
Katie Zarajczyk
Katrina Dixon
Kelly Myers
Kelsey Joseph
Klara Schmidt
LaKeisha Arndt
Laura Elseroad
Laura Nicole Miller
Lauren Kristine
Lily Lu-Lerner
Liz Fergus
Lydia Chaudhry
Maddie Segal
Maddy Dawe
Madeleine Jones
Maho Cavalier
Maho Uehara
Maitlyn Healy
Marissa Garst
Mark Middleton
Martha Mondragón
Meghan Smith
Mia Fernyhough
Michael Scandle
Michael Windsor
Michelle Jackson
Michelle Kucerak
Mike Turowski
Morgan Barber
Morgan Nati
Nicole Birkhold
Nicole Cloutier Frizzo
Olivia Jannuzzi
Paige Reeves
Paulina Zyskowski
Pru Elliott
Rachel Atcheson
Rachel Black
Rachel Huff-Wagenborg
Rebecca Coleman Lerback
Rina Rossi
Rizlane Baladi
Rochelle Marrett-Smith
Ryan Bulzan
Sabrina Gaytan
Sajani Fernando
Sarah De Munck
Sarah DeMunck
Sasha C.
Shad Clark
Shannon Campion
Skye Walker
Stephanie Chase
Stephanie Crumley
Stephanie Frankle
Suzanne Niemoth
Sydney Fox
Sydney South
Taylor Ford
Thomas Goodman
Wendy Watts
William Kiely
Yaqi Grover
Zoe Novic
Jan-Willemvan Putten
Cillian Crosson
Steve Thompson
Ari Benjamin
Hollis Howe
Maia Laperle
Cole Helsell
Flor Serna
Georgia Ray
Catia Faria
Dominik Peters
Michelle Graham
Stien van der Ploeg
Jane Capozzelli
Simon Eckerström Liedholm
Issa Rice
Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Søren Elverlin
Erik B. Jacobsen
Volkan Erdogan
Center for Human-Compatible AI
Centre for Effective Altruism
Rethink Charity
Michael Dickens
Zvi Mowshowitz
Open Philanthropy
LessWrong 2.0
Ben Cottier
Ben Kuhn
Denver Frederick
Brian Finifter
EA applicant
Marc Gunther


This section lists AI safety-related “products”: interactive tools, websites, flowcharts, datasets, etc. Unlike documents, products tend to be interactive, are updated continually, or require inputs from the consumer.

Showing 33 products.

Name Type Creator Creation date Description
Clarifying some key hypotheses in AI alignment diagram Ben Cottier, Rohin Shah 2019-08-15 A diagram collecting several hypotheses in AI alignment and their relationships to existing research agendas.
AI Alignment Forum blog LessWrong 2.0 2018-07-10 A group blog for discussion of technical aspects of AI alignment. The forum is built using the same software as LessWrong 2.0, and is integrated with LessWrong 2.0. For creation date, see [25].
AI Safety Research Camp workshop Tom McGrath, Remmelt Ellen, Linda Linsefors, Nandi Schoots, David Kristoffersson, Chris Pasek 2018-02-01 A research camp to take place in Gran Canaria in April 2018 and in the United Kingdom in July–August 2018. Facebook group at [26]. The creation date is the date of announcement on LessWrong 2.0.
“Levels of defense” in AI safety flowchart Alexey Turchin 2017-12-12 A flowchart applying multilevel defense to AI safety. There is an accompanying post on LessWrong at [27].
AI Alignment Prize contest Zvi Mowshowitz, Vladimir Slepnev, Paul Christiano 2017-11-03 A prize for work that advances understanding in alignment of smarter-than-human artificial intelligence. Winners for the first round, as well as announcement of the second round, can be found at [24]. Winners for the second round, as well as announcement of the third round, can be found at [28].
AI Watch interactive application Issa Rice 2017-10-23 A website to track people and organizations working on AI safety.
AI Safety Open Discussion discussion group Mati Roy 2017-10-23 A Facebook discussion group about AI safety. This is an open group.
AI safety resources list Victoria Krakovna 2017-10-01 A list of resources for long-term AI safety. Seems to have been first announced at [29].
Map of the AI Safety Community graphic Søren Elverlin 2017-09-26 A pictorial map that lists organizations and individuals in the AI safety community.
Open Philanthropy Project AI Fellows Program fellowship Open Philanthropy 2017-09-12 A fellowship to support PhD students in AI and machine learning. For the creation date, see [30].
LessWrong 2.0 blog LessWrong 2.0 2017-06-18 A community blog about rationality, decision theory, AI, the rationality community, and other topics relevant to AI safety. This is a re-launch/modernization of the original LessWrong. For the launch date, the date of the welcome post [31] is used.
Road to AI Safety Excellence course Toon Alfrink 2017-06-15 A proposed course that is designed to produce AI safety researchers. It used to be called “Accelerating AI Safety Adoption in Academia” and was announced on LessWrong at [32]. The Facebook group was created on 2017-06-30 [33].
Annotated bibliography of recommended materials list Center for Human-Compatible AI 2016-12-01 An annotated and interactive bibliography of AI safety-related course materials, textbooks, videos, papers, etc.
Extinction Risk from Artificial Intelligence blog Michael Cohen 2016-06-01 A series of pages exploring arguments for and against working on AI safety. The creation date is inferred from the URLs of images (example: [34]).
AI Alignment blog Paul Christiano 2016-05-28 Paul Christiano’s blog about AI alignment. Reading Group discussion group Søren Elverlin, Erik B. Jacobsen, Volkan Erdogan 2016-05-24 A weekly reading group covering topics in AI safety.
Cause prioritization app interactive application Michael Dickens, Buck Shlegeris 2016-05-18 An interactive app for quantitative cause prioritization. The app includes a section [35] on AI safety intervention. The creation date is the date of the first commit in the Git repository [36].
Arbital AI alignment domain wiki Arbital, Eliezer Yudkowsky 2016-03-04 A collection of wiki-like pages on topics in AI alignment. The creation date is the date of the launch announcement for Arbital [37]; it’s unclear when the AI alignment domain itself was created.
Introductory resources on AI safety research list Victoria Krakovna 2016-02-28 A list of readings on long-term AI safety. Mirrored at [38]. There is an updated list at [39].
AI Safety Discussion discussion group Victoria Krakovna 2016-02-21 A Facebook discussion group about AI safety. This is a closed group so one needs to request access to see posts.
Reinforce.js implementation of Stuart Armstrong’s toy control problem interactive application Gwern Branwen, FeepingCreature 2016-02-03 A live demo of Stuart Armstrong’s toy control problem [40]. gwern introduced the demo in a LessWrong comment [41].
AI Policies Wiki wiki Gordon Irlam 2015-12-14 A wiki on AI policy. The wiki creation date can be seen in the revision history of the main page [42].
The Control Problem discussion group CyberPersona 2015-08-29 A subreddit about AI safety and control. For the subreddit creation date, see [43].
AGI Failures Modes and Levels map flowchart Alexey Turchin 2015-01-01 A flowchart about failure modes of artificial general intelligence, grouped by the stage of development. There is an accompanying post on LessWrong at [18].
AGI Safety Solutions Map flowchart Alexey Turchin 2015-01-01 A flowchart on potential solutions to AI safety. There is an accompanying post on LessWrong at [44].
Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum discussion group Machine Intelligence Research Institute 2014-11-04 A forum for technical AI safety research. The source code is hosted on GitHub [45]. The timestamp on the introductory post [46] gives the launch date.
A flowchart of AI safety considerations flowchart Eliezer Yudkowsky 2014-11-02 The flowchart was posted to Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Essays (a Facebook group) and has no title.
Effective Altruism Forum blog Centre for Effective Altruism, Rethink Charity, Ryan Carey 2014-09-10 A community blog about effective altruism which often has posts about AI safety. The forum was announced on LessWrong by Ryan Carey [47].
How to study superintelligence strategy list Luke Muehlhauser 2014-07-03 A list of project ideas in superintelligence strategy.
Ordinary Ideas blog Paul Christiano 2011-12-21 Paul Christiano’s blog about “weird AI stuff” [48].
The Uncertain Future interactive application Machine Intelligence Research Institute 2009-10-01 A tool to model future technology and its effect on civilization. For more about the history of the site, see [49].
LessWrong Wiki wiki Machine Intelligence Research Institute 2009-03-12 A companion wiki to the community blog LessWrong. The wiki has pages about AI safety.
LessWrong blog Machine Intelligence Research Institute 2009-02-01 A community blog about rationality, decision theory, AI, updates to MIRI, among other topics.