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Basic information

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Country United States
GitHub username paulfchristiano
LessWrong username paulfchristiano
Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum username Paul_Christiano
Source [1]
Donations List Website (data still preliminary) donor

List of positions (10 positions)

Organization Title Start date End date AI safety relation Subject Employment type Source Notes
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Research Associate 2013-05-01 2015-03-01 position [2], [3]
Theiss Research Contractor position technical research contractor [4]
Future of Humanity Institute Research Associate [5], [6]
University of California, Berkeley [4], [7], [8]
Open Philanthropy Project Technical advisor position scientific advising advisor [9]
OpenAI 2017-01-01 position technical research full-time [1], [10], [11] The description given is "working on alignment"
OpenAI Intern 2016-05-25 AGI organization [12], [13]
AI Impacts position background [14]
Ought Collaborator position [15]
Ought Board member position board member [15]

Products (3 products)

Name Creation date Description
Ordinary Ideas 2011-12-21 Paul Christiano’s blog about “weird AI stuff” [16].
AI Alignment 2016-05-28 Paul Christiano’s blog about AI alignment.
AI Alignment Prize 2017-11-03 With Zvi Mowshowitz, Vladimir Slepnev. A prize for work that advances understanding in alignment of smarter-than-human artificial intelligence. Winners for the first round, as well as announcement of the second round, can be found at [17]. Winners for the second round, as well as announcement of the third round, can be found at [18].

Organization documents (1 document)

Title Publication date Author Publisher Affected organizations Affected people Document scope Cause area Notes
What I’ll be doing at MIRI 2019-11-12 Evan Hubinger LessWrong Machine Intelligence Research Institute, OpenAI Evan Hubinger, Paul Christiano, Nate Soares Successful hire AI safety Evan Hubinger, who has just finished an internship at OpenAI with Paul Christiano and others, is going to start work at MIRI. His research will be focused on solving inner alignment for amplification. Although MIRI's research policy is one of nondisclosure-by-default [19] Hubinger expects that his own research will be published openly, and that he will continue collaborating with researchers at institutions like OpenAI, Ought, CHAI, DeepMind, FHI, etc. In a comment, MIRI Executive Director Nate Soares clarifies that "my view of MIRI's nondisclosed-by-default policy is that if all researchers involved with a research program think it should obviously be public then it should obviously be public, and that doesn't require a bunch of bureaucracy. [...] the policy is there to enable researchers, not to annoy them and make them jump through hoops." Cross-posted from the AI Alignment Forum; original is at [20]

Documents (1 document)

Title Publication date Author Publisher Affected organizations Affected people Affected agendas Notes
Challenges to Christiano’s capability amplification proposal 2018-05-19 Eliezer Yudkowsky Machine Intelligence Research Institute Paul Christiano Iterated amplification This post was summarized in Alignment Newsletter #7 [21].