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Basic information

Item Value
Country United States
Facebook username yudkowsky
Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum username 58
Source [1], [2]

List of positions

Organization Title Start date End date AI safety relation Subject Employment type Source Notes
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Senior Research Fellow position technical research full-time [2]
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Board Director position [2]
Machine Intelligence Research Institute Research Fellow position [3]


Name Creation date Description
A flowchart of AI safety considerations 2014-11-02 The flowchart was posted to Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Essays (a Facebook group) and has no title.
Arbital AI alignment domain 2016-03-04 With Arbital. A collection of wiki-like pages on topics in AI alignment. The creation date is the date of the launch announcement for Arbital [4]; it’s unclear when the AI alignment domain itself was created.