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Ought Collaborator 2018-01-01 position [1], [2]

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Summary of Core Feedback Collected by CEA in Spring/Summer 2019 2019-11-07 Ben West Effective Altruism Forum Centre for Effective Altruism Third-party commentary on organization Movement building The document summarizes findings from feedback collected by CEA in the Spring and Summer of 2019 from "about a dozen people who work in senior positions in EA-aligned organizations" about CEA and the effective altruism community. The post also says "The feedback is presented “as is,” without any endorsement by CEA." Things listed as going well include (1) comnunity health and events projects, (2) smart, talented, and thoughtful members, (3) kind members. Things which could be improved: (1) execution issues with EA Grants, EA Funds, and other projects, (2) communication and branding issues with EA Global and the EA Forum, (3) perception of low welcomingness, (4) demographic homogeneity.

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