AI Watch

Welcome! This is a website to track people and organizations working on AI safety. See the code repository for the source code and data of this website.

This website is developed by Issa Rice and is partially funded by Vipul Naik.

This site is still under active development.

Last updated on 2018-09-19.

Table of contents

Positions grouped by person

Showing 20 people with positions.

Name Number of organizations List of organizations
Alyssa Vance 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Anders Sandberg 1 Future of Humanity Institute
Anish Mohammed 1 EthicsNet
Ben Hoffman 1 AI Impacts
Ben Hoskin 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Brian Tomasik 1 Foundational Research Institute
Connor Flexman 1 AI Impacts
Dávid Natingga 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Finan Adamson 1 AI Impacts
Frank Adamek 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Jimmy Rintjema 1 AI Impacts
John Salvatier 1 AI Impacts
Justis Mills 1 AI Impacts
Kaj Sotala 1 Foundational Research Institute
Katja Grace 1 AI Impacts
Lukas Gloor 1 Foundational Research Institute
Michael Wulfsohn 1 AI Impacts
Paul Christiano 1 AI Impacts
Sebastian Nickel 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Stephanie Zolayvar 1 AI Impacts

Positions grouped by organization

Showing 5 organizations.

Organization Number of people List of people
AI Impacts 10 Ben Hoffman, Connor Flexman, Finan Adamson, Jimmy Rintjema, John Salvatier, Justis Mills, Katja Grace, Michael Wulfsohn, Paul Christiano, Stephanie Zolayvar
Machine Intelligence Research Institute 5 Alyssa Vance, Ben Hoskin, Dávid Natingga, Frank Adamek, Sebastian Nickel
Foundational Research Institute 3 Brian Tomasik, Kaj Sotala, Lukas Gloor
EthicsNet 1 Anish Mohammed
Future of Humanity Institute 1 Anders Sandberg