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Organization Title Start date End date AI safety relation Subject Employment type Source Notes
GiveWell Research Analyst 2013-04-01 2015-08-01 full-time [1], [2], [3]
GiveWell Senior Research Analyst 2015-08-01 2016-09-01 full-time [3], [4]
GiveWell Operations Associate 2016-09-01 2017-01-01 full-time [4], [5]
Center for Applied Rationality Adjunct Instructor 2018-02-26 [6], [7], [8]
Center for Applied Rationality Executive Director 2018-02-27 [8]

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Title Publication date Author Publisher Affected organizations Affected people Document scope Cause area Notes
CFAR's Mistakes Regarding Brent 2019-01-01 Timothy Telleen-Lawton Center for Applied Rationality Center for Applied Rationality Brent Dill, Timothy Telleen-Lawton Organizational mistake postmortem Rationality improvement Timothy Telleen-Lawton, the Executive Director of the Center for Applied Rationality, gives a postmortem of CFAR's mistakes regarding Brent Dill, an individual accused by at least two people of sexual harassment, and by many others of behaving in other manipulative ways. Telleen-Lawton talks about the blind spots and errors made by CFAR, an organization devoted to improving rationality, in its handling of the situation

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