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Last updated on 2018-09-19.

Table of contents

Positions grouped by person

Showing 23 people with positions.

Name Number of organizations List of organizations
Chris Maddison 2 Google DeepMind, University of Oxford
Paul Christiano 2 OpenAI, Theiss Research
Aditi Raghunathan 1 Stanford University
Alexey Potapov 1 AIDEUS
Beth Barnes 1 Center for Human-Compatible AI
Caspar Oesterheld 1 Foundational Research Institute
Christopher Cundy 1 Center for Human-Compatible AI
Dario Amodei 1 OpenAI
Dmitrii Krasheninnikov 1 Center for Human-Compatible AI
Eliezer Yudkowsky 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Felix Berkenkamp 1 ETH Zurich
Geoffrey Irving 1 OpenAI
Jarryd Martin 1 Australian National University
Jon Gauthier 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Janner 1 University of California, Berkeley
Noam Brown 1 Carnegie Mellon University
Patrick LaVictoire 1 Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Pedro A. Ortega 1 Google DeepMind
Roger Grosse 1 University of Toronto
Ruth Fong 1 University of Oxford
Sergey Rodionov 1 AIDEUS
Stan Franklin 1 Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent
Tamas Madl 1 Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent

Positions grouped by organization

Showing 16 organizations.

Organization Number of people List of people
Center for Human-Compatible AI 3 Beth Barnes, Christopher Cundy, Dmitrii Krasheninnikov
OpenAI 3 Dario Amodei, Geoffrey Irving, Paul Christiano
AIDEUS 2 Alexey Potapov, Sergey Rodionov
Google DeepMind 2 Chris Maddison, Pedro A. Ortega
Learning Intelligent Distribution Agent 2 Stan Franklin, Tamas Madl
Machine Intelligence Research Institute 2 Eliezer Yudkowsky, Patrick LaVictoire
University of Oxford 2 Chris Maddison, Ruth Fong
Australian National University 1 Jarryd Martin
Carnegie Mellon University 1 Noam Brown
ETH Zurich 1 Felix Berkenkamp
Foundational Research Institute 1 Caspar Oesterheld
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Jon Gauthier
Stanford University 1 Aditi Raghunathan
Theiss Research 1 Paul Christiano
University of California, Berkeley 1 Michael Janner
University of Toronto 1 Roger Grosse