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Simultaneous Shortage and Oversupply 2019-01-25 Jeff Kaufman Open Philanthropy Project, Machine Intelligence Research Institute Job market commentary Various Kaufman articulates a puzzle: EA-related organizations take a long time to fill open roles, but there are a lot of people interested in joining such organizations. Although no individual organization is discussed in depth, job postings for the Open Philanthropy Project and the Machine Intelligence Research Institute are mentioned. Post also available on Facebook at [3] The comments on the Facebook post also show up in the original post location, and include thoughts from people on why they are not applying for EA jobs. A comment by Sarah Spikes notes her experience working on the tech side at CEA
Leverage Research: reviewing the basic facts 2018-08-03 throwaway Effective Altruism Forum Leverage Research, Paradigm Academy, Institute for Philosophical Research, Center for Applied Rationality Geoff Anders, Tara MacAulay, Buck Shlegeris, Milan Griffes, Evan Gaensbauer, Jeff Kaufman Third-party commentary on organization Rationality improvement The post lists key publicly known facts about Leverage Research and its sister organizations Paradigm Academy and Institute for Philosophical Reseach. The comments include anecdata and opinions about the organizations from a number of leading individuals in the effective altruism community

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