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Last updated on 2019-05-22.

Table of contents


Agenda name Associated people Associated organizations
Iterated amplification Paul Christiano, Buck Shlegeris, Dario Amodei OpenAI
Embedded agency Eliezer Yudkowsky, Scott Garrabrant, Abram Demski Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Comprehensive AI services Eric Drexler Future of Humanity Institute
Ambitious value learning Stuart Armstrong Future of Humanity Institute
Factored cognition Andreas Stuhlmüller Ought
Recursive reward modeling Jan Leike, David Krueger, Tom Everitt, Miljan Martic, Vishal Maini, Shane Legg Google DeepMind
Debate Paul Christiano OpenAI
Interpretability Christopher Olah
Learning-theoretic AI alignment Vanessa Kosoy
Inverse reinforcement learning
Preference learning
Cooperative inverse reinforcement learning
Imitation learning

Positions grouped by person

Showing 107 people with positions.

Name Number of organizations List of organizations
Adrien Matricon 1 FLOWERS
Alec Radford 1 OpenAI
Aleks Kamko 1 OpenAI
Alex Ray 1 OpenAI
Alexandra Delmas 1 FLOWERS
Alexandre Gepperth 1 FLOWERS
Alvaro Ovalle Castaneda 1 FLOWERS
Andrej Karpathy 1 OpenAI
Ankur Handa 1 OpenAI
Anna-Lisa Vollmer 1 FLOWERS
Baptiste Busch 1 FLOWERS
Benjamin Clément 1 FLOWERS
Benjamin Mann 1 OpenAI
Bob McGrew 1 OpenAI
Brooke Chan 1 OpenAI
Catherine Olsson 1 OpenAI
Céline Craye 1 FLOWERS
Cem Karaoguz 1 FLOWERS
Christopher Berner 1 OpenAI
Christy Dennison 1 OpenAI
Damien Caselli 1 FLOWERS
David Farhi 1 OpenAI
David Filliat 1 FLOWERS
David Luan 1 OpenAI
Diane Yoon 1 OpenAI
Didier Roy 1 FLOWERS
Durk Kingma 1 OpenAI
Eric Price 1 OpenAI
Eric Sigler 1 OpenAI
Erika Reinhardt 1 OpenAI
Filip Wolski 1 OpenAI
Florian Golemo 1 FLOWERS
Freek Stulp 1 FLOWERS
Gennaro Raiola 1 FLOWERS
Greg Brockman 1 OpenAI
Guillaume Duceux 1 FLOWERS
Harri Edwards 1 OpenAI
Henrique Pondé 1 OpenAI
Hideyuki Nakashima 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Hiroshi Yamakawa 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Hiroyuki Morikawa 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Ian Goodfellow 1 OpenAI
Igor Mordatch 1 OpenAI
Ilya Sutskever 1 OpenAI
Jack Clark 1 OpenAI
Jakub Pachocki 1 OpenAI
Jeremy Schlatter 1 OpenAI
Jie Tang 1 OpenAI
John Schulman 1 OpenAI
Jon Gauthier 1 OpenAI
Jonas Schneider 1 OpenAI
Jonathan Gray 1 OpenAI
Jonathan Ho 1 OpenAI
Kate Miltenberger 1 OpenAI
Kenji Doya 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Kitano Hiroaki 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Koichi Takahashi 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Koji Morikawa 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Larissa Schiavo 1 OpenAI
Linxi Fan 1 OpenAI
Loïc Dauphin 1 FLOWERS
Louis-Charles Caron 1 FLOWERS
Ludwig Pettersson 1 OpenAI
Manuel Lopes 1 FLOWERS
Marcin Andrychowicz 1 OpenAI
Masaru Tomita 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Matthieu Lapeyre 1 FLOWERS
Michael Page 1 OpenAI
Michael Petrov 1 OpenAI
Nicolas Jahier 1 FLOWERS
Nicolas Rabault 1 FLOWERS
Pamela Vagata 1 OpenAI
Panagiotis Papadakis 1 FLOWERS
Paul Christiano 1 OpenAI
Peter Chen 1 OpenAI
Peter Welinder 1 OpenAI
Pierre Rouanet 1 FLOWERS
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer 1 FLOWERS
Pieter Abbeel 1 OpenAI
Prafulla Dhariwal 1 OpenAI
Rachel Fong 1 OpenAI
Rafał Józefowicz 1 OpenAI
Rein Houthooft 1 OpenAI
Rocky Duan 1 OpenAI
Scott Gray 1 OpenAI
Sébastien Forestier 1 FLOWERS
Shariq Hashme 1 OpenAI
Shivon Zilis 1 OpenAI
Smitha Milli 1 OpenAI
Stéphanie Noirpoudre 1 FLOWERS
Susan Zhang 1 OpenAI
Szymon Sidor 1 OpenAI
Taco Cohen 1 OpenAI
Tambet Matiisen 1 OpenAI
Théo Segonds 1 FLOWERS
Thibaut Munzer 1 FLOWERS
Tim Salimans 1 OpenAI
Tom Brown 1 OpenAI
Trevor Blackwell 1 OpenAI
Vicki Cheung 1 OpenAI
William Schueller 1 FLOWERS
Wojciech Zaremba 1 OpenAI
Yaroslav Bulatov 1 OpenAI
Yoan Mollard 1 FLOWERS
Yura Burda 1 OpenAI
Yutaka Matsuo 1 Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
Zain Shah 1 OpenAI

Positions grouped by organization

Showing 3 organizations.

Organization Number of people List of people
OpenAI 67 Benjamin Mann, Yaroslav Bulatov, Szymon Sidor, Shariq Hashme, Rachel Fong, Jonathan Gray, Jakub Pachocki, Erika Reinhardt, Christopher Berner, Bob McGrew, Ankur Handa, Alex Ray, Aleks Kamko, Michael Page, Peter Welinder, Jeremy Schlatter, Tambet Matiisen, Taco Cohen, Igor Mordatch, Harri Edwards, Catherine Olsson, Zain Shah, Scott Gray, Jack Clark, Filip Wolski, Paul Christiano, Prafulla Dhariwal, Jie Tang, Ludwig Pettersson, Kate Miltenberger, Rafał Józefowicz, Marcin Andrychowicz, Shivon Zilis, Jonas Schneider, Eric Price, Rein Houthooft, Jonathan Ho, Jon Gauthier, Linxi Fan, Rocky Duan, Peter Chen, Tim Salimans, Alec Radford, Ian Goodfellow, Yura Burda, Tom Brown, Ilya Sutskever, Pieter Abbeel, Andrej Karpathy, Pamela Vagata, Vicki Cheung, Trevor Blackwell, John Schulman, Wojciech Zaremba, Greg Brockman, Durk Kingma, Smitha Milli, Eric Sigler, Diane Yoon, David Luan, Larissa Schiavo, Susan Zhang, Michael Petrov, Henrique Pondé, Christy Dennison, David Farhi, Brooke Chan
FLOWERS 31 Alvaro Ovalle Castaneda, Florian Golemo, Benjamin Clément, Sébastien Forestier, William Schueller, Cem Karaoguz, Adrien Matricon, Céline Craye, Alexandra Delmas, Gennaro Raiola, Baptiste Busch, Panagiotis Papadakis, Thibaut Munzer, Guillaume Duceux, Louis-Charles Caron, Damien Caselli, Théo Segonds, Stéphanie Noirpoudre, Loïc Dauphin, Matthieu Lapeyre, Nicolas Rabault, Yoan Mollard, Pierre Rouanet, Nicolas Jahier, Didier Roy, Anna-Lisa Vollmer, Freek Stulp, Alexandre Gepperth, David Filliat, Manuel Lopes, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Whole Brain Architecture Initiative 9 Koji Morikawa, Hideyuki Nakashima, Hiroyuki Morikawa, Masaru Tomita, Kitano Hiroaki, Kenji Doya, Koichi Takahashi, Yutaka Matsuo, Hiroshi Yamakawa