Intersect Machine Intelligence Research Institute and Future of Life Institute

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Common people

Person Machine Intelligence Research Institute Future of Life Institute
Daniel Dewey Research Associate (2011-01-012015-01-01) Program Officer for AI Grants (2015-01-01–)
Stuart Russell Research Advisor (2015-07-01–) Advisor (–)
Jaan Tallinn General Advisor (2015-07-01–) Co-Founder (–)
Nick Bostrom Research Advisor (2013-08-01–); Advisor (2005-03-012013-08-01) Advisor (–)
Max Tegmark Advisor (2010-01-012013-08-01); Research Advisor (2013-08-012015-09-01); General Advisor (2015-09-012017-03-01) Co-Founder (–)
Janos Kramar Visiting Fellow (2010-08-222011-05-14) Volunteer (–)
Jesse Galef Independent Operations Contractor (2015-01-012016-01-01) Volunteer (–); Program Manager (2014-01-012015-01-01)
Victoria Krakovna Research advisor (2018-09-30–) Co-Founder (–)

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