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Animal Charity Evaluators Research Manager 2013-08-01 2015-12-01 full-time [1], [2] Bio says she was already “involved in ACE research efforts since May 2013”; it’s not clear what that means.
Animal Charity Evaluators Director of Research 2015-12-01 full-time [2]

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How should we evaluate organizational factors that affect charity performance? 2017-07-09 Allison Smith Animal Charity Evaluators General discussion of organizational practices Animal welfare The blog post describes how Animal Charity Evaluators plans to operationalize two of its seven criteria for evaluating animal charities, both of which are organizational in nature. The criteria are: Criterion 6, "The charity has strong leadership and a well-developed strategic vision" and Criterion 7, "The charity has a healthy culture and a sustainable structure". ACE's process for fleshing out the criteria included a review of academic literature and expert recommendations, and the blog post includes many links to articles from the academic literature.

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