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Max Dalton appointed as CEA’s Executive Director 2019-10-18 Owen Cotton-Barratt|Jenna Peters|Julia Wise|Nick Beckstead|Will MacAskill Centre for Effective Altruism Centre for Effective Altruism Max Dalton Successful hire Movement building The blog post announces that Max Dalton is now the Executive Director of CEA. Dalton had been serving as Interim Executive Director of CEA since the firing of Larissa Hesketh-Rowe from the Executive Director position in January. The blog post is written by the committee that had been entrusted with the CEO search. This committee "solicited recommendations for possible candidates from over 70 stakeholders and worked to investigate roughly a dozen recommended people. The committee would like to thank staff, stakeholders, and community members for their input and the candidates for their time and patience during this process."

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